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Headline for Must try dishes when in Bangkok - A treat to your palate!
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Must try dishes when in Bangkok - A treat to your palate!

The largest city in Thailand, Bangkok is where you can treat your every sense. The locals usually like sweet flavours so you can expect to sample a lot of sweet dishes while in Bangkok.


Tom Yam

The English translation has the meaning Thai sour soup. Tom yam is made of lemongrass, lime juice and kaffir lime leaf. Its slight spiciness comes from fresh chillies and the oily chilli paste. The dish is so popular you can find it in any Bangkok city view hotel.


Pad Thai

If you are someone who's tried this before, you'd know the main characteristic of the dish is the crushed peanuts that top the dish. Peanuts play a big part in the taste that Pad Thai brings out, however, at some restaurants they are served without peanuts as it can cause allergies. Lime is the main ingredient which is used to make the dish a little sour and sweet. Pad Thai is made of egg, tofu and rice noodles and can be found anywhere in Bangkok. You can also omit the meat item if you wish and replace it with soy sauce.


Pad See Eui

This is ideal for lunch or dinner if you want something that's filling. Pad see eui is broccoli, egg and noodles fried with soy sauce. You will see that at places like Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok, the dish is served with beef, chicken, or pork, but of course, you can opt for the vegetarian recipe by omitting the meat and replacing the fish sauce with soy sauce. You can find pad see eui at every street and every restaurant in Bangkok.


Panang Curry

The addition of coconut milk gives it a rich and creamy texture as well as a sweet taste. This is sort of a dry dish as coconut milk is one of the few sources of liquid – nevertheless, Panang curry remains a favourite in Bangkok. Usually, the dish is served with beef, but you can also consume it with chicken, pork or fish.


Kai Pad Med Ma Muang

This was originated in China, and the Chinese population that lives in Thailand brought the recipe into the country. Kai pad med ma muang is chicken fried with cashews, scallions, bell peppers and onions. The inclusion of cashews gives it a nutty flavour which you will not find in any other Thai dish. The chicken is cooked until it's tender with a thin cover of soy sauce and is usually served with rice.


Som Tum

The dish is made with tomatoes, long beans, fish sauce, garlic, lime, chillies and grated papaya strips. In the beginning, it was only consumed in the rural northwest, but later it was brought to Bangkok by migrant workers which became instantly popular.


Mee grorp

This might not be easiest to find in Bangkok – but definitely tasty. The recipe is a traditional one which is dying out with time and will only be found at a few restaurants in Bangkok. Mee grorp is crispy noodles prepared with a strong sweet sauce.