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5 Tips for First Time Travellers to India – How to navigate India

People visiting India for the first time are often confused as they aren't sure where to start and what to do. Here are 5 tips that'll help you make the most out of your trip to India.


Plan your trip based on what you want to see

Unlike most countries where you can hire a local tour guide who will take you around the key tourist destinations, there isn't enough time to see and do it all in India. To avoid being overwhelmed when making the choice of which landmarks to visit its best that you do your research and focus on one area of the country-the south or the north. Since local flights are inexpensive and are available regularly you can book a plane ride to cover more ground in a short time if you're hoping to try cover as much of the country as you can.


Take time to smell the roses

A common mistake that most people visiting India for the first time make is trying to fit as much as possible in a short time. The best way to enjoy your trip to India is by choosing a few places that interest you the most and spend as much as time as you can exploring what it has to offer and learning about it. This approach is much more rewarding as you'll get to experience each and everything that the excursion has to offer. This approach is better than trying to visit multiple locations and not fully appreciating their value or beauty.


Avoid large crowds as much as possible

Since India has the second most populated country in the world and is one of the most of the popular tourist destinations in the world India is one of the most crowded places you'll ever visit. Trying to get one from place to another can be especially challenging when there are festivals and a large number of people hit the streets. At first you'll enjoy watching large crowds get together and enjoying themselves it can get tiring and overwhelming after some time. If you're booking your holiday through Aitken Spence Holidays or any other Travel Agent Sri Lanka has to offer to make sure to plan a few days in the countryside to take a break from the noises and crowds of some of India's more densely packed areas.


Watch what you eat

The culinary delights of India which are known all over the world are a large part of their culture. If you're visiting the country for the first time and only for a few days the last thing you'll want is an upset stomach. Avoid drinking tap water and any food that is washed using it. Avoid eating any fruits that you buy off the streets unless you've peeled the fruit and washed it yourself. Let your stomach adjust to the food offered at the hotel or resort you're staying at before trying any of the street food. When buying food from a street food stall assess if the food was prepared freshly and hygienically. The number of people eating from the stall is also another dead giveaway; the more people eating from a street food vendor the higher the chance of it offering clean food that won't upset your stomach.


Expect the unexpected

While India is filled with lots to do it has its own woes when it comes to vendors overcharging and hassling tourists. If you don't prepare yourself and plan your transport to and from your excursions, you're bound to lose your temper and snap. Keeping a calm mind and not let your anger getting the best of you can help resolve any problem that may arrive faster and you enjoy your stay in the country.

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