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Top 05 Reasons to Study Art and Design – A Rewarding Choice!

Considering a degree in art and design, but not too sure? Well, listed below are just 05 reasons on why art and design will turn out to be an excellent career path. Understand how interesting and diverse the subject is - helping you to reap many rewards.


Enjoy a Diverse Range of Study Topics

An Art and Design degree offers a diverse and very interesting range of topics to choose from; you can consider a degree in history and culture to art, theatre and fashion to interior design to visual communication design and even jewellery design. The courses consist of excellent modules to help release the creative artisan inside of you and are structured to hold the student's interest thus encouraging creative minds to grow and be independent, yes, learning design and art is a very rewarding path to follow. And today, young creative individuals are given loads of opportunity with places like the Academy of Design catering to all types of artisans.


You've Got Loads of Inspiration at Hand from the Masters

Art and Culture enjoys a long and rich history, the heritage of art is immense with galleries across the world displaying the work of world-renowned masters from centuries back. These masterpieces act as data for students to build up their knowledge and receive loads of inspiration. Even if you are not studying art in a country where international galleries are not a trend, choosing to earn your degree at a reputed academy for creative design, will put you in access to vast libraries and data banks of inspirational masterpieces from across the world.


Look Forward to Studying Abroad

Studying at a university of fashion design in Sri Lanka, for instance, will always offer students a chance to pursue further studies at universities in foreign countries. As most of the design academies are affiliated to top universities abroad, you can look forward to easy transfers whether it's to study for a year or a semester.


An Art and Design Degree will Pave the Way to a Lucrative Career

Contrary to the belief that a degree in art and design does no pave the way for highly paid careers, there are plenty of opportunities for talented individuals to secure high paying jobs. The set of skills you acquire, such as learning to think creatively, be innovative and independent, have excellent hand-eye coordination, fine-tuned skills, and good communication talents, will help you to find and secure niche in many career paths.


The Job Opportunities are Vast

Once you complete your degree in art and design, you will find a whole new world opens up, in terms of job opportunities. There are many fields you can choose from such as TV production and illustration, to museum curating and teaching. As you can see earning a degree in art and design will pave the way to a very bright future, plus you will be immersed in a career you love!

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