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11 Causes of Leaking Pipes Unsealed and how to deal with them

There are a number of reasons why your pipes might burst, some of them could be attended by you, others by a professional plumber only. In any case, do not leave unattended the damage they can cause, no matter how big the leak, can cost you a lot down the line.




If your metal pipes are a few decades old, corrosion will naturally happen over time. Rust will eat away the pipes over time till holes are created. Water will then escape from these. If the pipes are outdoor, it might take you a long time before you notice anything is wrong. If it is indoor, stains will appear on your wall or you might hear drops falling through your walls. Pay attention to these signs and fix the pipe issue immediately.


Natural Movement

Natural Movement

Tree roots are always on the look-out for water source and always growing and can put so much pressure against pipes that they make it burst. Next door construction, floods and to some more extreme case earthquakes can impact what is happening underneath your house.


Clogged Drains

Clogged Drains

If your pipe is clogged, then the clog will apply a certain amount of pressure on your pipe. The longer you wait, the bigger the clog, the more pressure. If you notice the water doesn't flow as much as it should, try to resolve the issue immediately instead of waiting until nothing goes through your pipes. Take also care of your pipes on an everyday basis by avoiding throwing oils and wet wipes down the pies.


Damaged Seals

Seals, among other things, will help your pipes to keep tight but it is also natural that over time they suffer from corrosion. it wouldn't hurt to check the seals and replace them if they are over 30 years old.


It's simply too old

It's simply too old

Sometimes, the plumbing system you inherit is simply too old and corrosion problem will keep on happening. You can choose to investigate the leak and get it fixed every single time but it will quickly add up. Instead, you might want to consider replacing the whole system. This is no small decision though. replacing all the pipes in your house and outdoor will require construction work. you will not be able to use your water system for a while and your house might look like a mini construction site. However, if the house of over a few decades old, now might be the time to refurbish your house, or at least for through a laundry and bathroom renovations as well as a kitchen makeover. Any room related to your water system really. Doing it all at once is a cost saver and reduce the inconvenience to the minimum.


Damaged Pipe Joints

Damaged Pipe Joints

Pipes joints are there where pipes connect and can be the weakest point of your water system. Time, use and water pressure can contribute to weakening them bit by bit. They are visible with the naked eye most of the time so this might be one case for your plumber and a leak investigation.


Your water pressure is too high or too low

Your water pressure is too high or too low

Whether it is too high or too low, the water pressure impacts your pipes over time. If you hear pipe noise throughout your house with doing a wash or drawing a bath might be sign that the water pressure isn't quite right. You can ask your plumber to check your water pressure and see what options you have to lessen it or increase it. Don't forget: your pipes joint or faucets won't be able to make it through a long time if your water pressure is too high.

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