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5 reasons to go on vacation - Quality family time!

A family getaway is a perfect opportunity to break the routine and relax with the ones you love and cherish. Here are more reasons to pack right away!


Travelling helps you beat stress

Stress is the world's number one killer. It is the main cause of a number of deadly diseases and high levels of stress can lead to various mental illnesses. While low stress can actually be advantageous to you, it is a common phenomenon that stress builds up with most of us who follow a routine for too long. This can be true in the case of work, school or even carrying out household chores. Experts have proved that discontinuing routine is an excellent way of overcoming stress. It can help your career, school or extracurricular activities too. It gives you the space for your mind and body to rejuvenate and re-energize so that you perform much better once you return from it.


Improves problem-solving and adapting skills

Even on the most thoroughly-planned trip, something is likely to go off-schedule. That outdoor activity you were waiting to take part in might get cancelled because of bad weather. Your children could get sick or your car might break down in the middle of nowhere. All of these unexpected things will really test your problem-solving skills and adaptability to new environments. Experts say that your children will learn a great deal from the way you handle challenging situations and take sensible action. Children will learn resilience, self-reliance, and confidence through experience in situations like this.


Travelling brings about opportunities for learning

Travelling creates paradigm shifts in how we perceive our world. Children who are exposed to new environments, cultures, languages, and traditions have a greater chance of perceiving the world as it is, instead of living in a bubble. It is also an opportunity for children to experience things they might have learned in school. Trying out new food, meeting new people and understanding customs help develop a sense of empathy in the children's early development years. This can aid them in later years in more than one ways. Doesn't matter if it is a tiny cabin in the woods close to home or a room at top hotel companies, there is always something new for the whole family to learn.


Travelling creates the best memories

Families who travel have a lot of things to reminisce about. Whether it's a funny incident that happened on a trip or something special that happened while travelling, reminiscing and recreating those moments can increase happiness. Scientists have identified that experiences like travelling make us happy for much longer than buying things. So don't think twice about going on vacation with your family. Do something that might even surprise you, like watching the sunset at Dorsett Wanchi or sleeping in an igloo in Finland. The possibilities are endless!


Travelling creates new connections

Because of work, school and other day-to-day errands, we barely spend any time with our families. Travelling, as experts have discovered, can help create meaningful connections and bonding between family members. It has also been proved that families that travel a lot develop the resilience to go through tough times together and successfully overcome adversity. Healthy family dynamics also help child development and character building.