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Did you know that Business Insider reports that Alternative Lenders approved more #funding requests as compared to banks?
Also, more than 40% of people surveyed, think non-banks serve their personal money management and investment needs better.
If that doesn’t convince you, then get in touch with us at now!


My Business Took Off Better Than Expected, But I Need Funding to Grow

This is where a cash advance financing business-like Cresthill Capital comes in: Cresthill Capital is dedicated to helping micro and small businesses get the funding they need to enable them to address these kinds of “good problems” that result from the unexpected early success of your business.

How Does a Business Get Merchant Cash Advances?

Starting a small business is a risk, but one that many people take for various reasons. It could be that you have a product you think people would like or could use. You may be searching for products yourself and find that you have to visit multiple stores or websites to get them all. Wouldn’t… Cresthill Capital

The Challenges of Being Your Own Boss Include Financial Decisions

When you decide you have a solid business plan and you are confident that your business is viable, you take a deep breath and start your own business. Whether it is a business you can run yourself and have no need for employees or you only need a few once it takes off, you have what many wish they have. You get to be your own boss. You decide what happens, how to market it, to whom you market, whether it is run from your home, a storefront or simply online. You even get to decide the name. Cresthill Capital

Capital Funding Companies Can Help Rescue Your Business

You opened your own business and you are doing fine. Your customer base is growing and you have found good prices on the products you sell. You also have figured out that if you charge less than your competitors, though you will not make money as fast as they do, your customer base will grow because your prices are better. Slow and steady wins the race has always been your motto, but now you have run into a problem. Cresthill Capital

Quick Advances To Qualifying Companies By Cresthill Capital

Cresthill Capital is a capital funding company that dispenses merchant cash advances only. They do not give advances to start-ups but only to established businesses who are yearning to expand but do not have the funds to do so. Cresthill Capital investigates the business revenues of the company who wants the advance and based on their finding they decide to help them out or not.

Capital Advance and Business Growth

While large business owners find it relatively comfortable to utilize the services of a bank, the same is not generally true for micro-business setups where instant cash advances of very small nature are often required to tide over an emergency situation.

Capital Advance and Business Growth - Crest Hill Capital LLC

Small and micro-businesses face multiple challenges in their daily operations. Managing a constant flow of cash is perhaps the biggest one of them. While large business owners find it relatively comfortable to utilize the services of a bank, the same is not generally true for micro-business setups where instant cash advances of very small nature are often required to tide over an emergency situation.

Tired of Applying To Banks For a Business Fund? Try Merchant Cash Advance!

Cresthill Capital is a company that acts as a platform for a merchant cash advance. A merchant cash advance is different from funds obtained from banks and works on the principle of future receivables. In this funding model, an MCA lender provides you with a lump sum capital payment.

Tips to Get Best Possible Outcomes from an Alternative Business Financing Solution

Cresthill Capital does not look into credit scores to evaluate the creditworthiness of a client. Some small business owners are tempted to request for working capital advances in excess of their needs. Later on, they may have trouble affording repayments. It’s best to remember that the merchant cash advance will need to be repaid via future receivables.

Tips to Get Business Funding Quickly Without Collateral in the USA

Cresthill Capital is an experienced company that works as a liaison and matches small business owners in need of working capital with appropriate MCA lenders. The company makes an offer for proposed funding and if you agree to the terms of the offer, advanced funds are directly transferred to your business bank account.

Keep Your Small Business Running and Growing with Merchant Cash Advance Solutions

Cresthill Capital matches small business owners with appropriate funding sources and makes an offer for proposed financing. Clients need to furnish proof of consistent past and current business revenue to qualify. Almost any small business such as a liquor store, retail store, medical store, night club, food truck, an automotive company, etc. can take advantage of the merchant cash advance funding system for operational or growth reasons.

Benefits of Merchant Cash Advance for Automotive Repair Business – Crest Hill Capital LLC

With the reliance on vehicles, you would think American automotive repair shops are doing a booming business. Yes, the auto repair industry in the USA is going great guns but small auto repair stores are not having an easy time obtaining small business funds from banks and other traditional money lenders. Here’s how Cresthill Capital can help – by providing access to a merchant cash advance.

Drawbacks in Applying For Funds from a Bank

Banks and other traditional money lenders generally take into consideration the credit score of business owners and require putting up collateral to approve applications. Moreover, there’s a lot of procedural paperwork that needs to be get done which can delay the process of disbursal.

What do you do if you need extra capital urgently to cover a cost like purchasing a new inventory of snow tires that are available for a discount? You can avoid these problems and others with a merchant cash advance from Cresthill Capital.

How Retail Stores Can Utilize Merchant Cash Advance to Remain Competitive? - Crest Hill Capital LLC

With the rise of e-commerce, it’s getting tougher for small retail businesses to remain competitive. While the thought of having extra funds for operational or business development funds is appealing, the reality of dealing with banks and other traditional money lenders is not. Depending on the health of your business, you may qualify for a merchant cash advance from Cresthill Capital.

Repay With Future Sales
A merchant cash advance from Cresthill Capital can be an effective funding solution for small businesses that are finding it difficult to obtain working capital funds from banks and other traditional money lenders due to poor credit scores or procedural delays. Businesses, including retail stores, can provide proof of consistent past and current revenues and become eligible for a lump sum advance. In return, they commit to repaying a portion of their future revenues over time.

Differences between Bank Funds and Merchant Cash Advance for Small Business Funding Needs

Your small business is going well and revenues are coming in steadily every month. You need additional financing to cover unexpected expenses or to invest in business development. You’re considering two borrowing options – a bank and a merchant cash advance from Cresthill Capital. Which should you choose? Here are some tips to help you make a well-informed decision.

Have You Heard Of Crest Hill Capital LLC?

Cresthill Capital specializes in short-term merchant cash advance funding. This company was founded in 2013 and currently has its main office in New York. It caters money to small businesses in need of additional funding. Companies can obtain funding in amounts based on recent trends in cash flow regardless of credit score. Cresthill is fairly…

The Perfect Solution To Funding Problems

It’s also important to note that unlike Cresthill capital, many other lenders will either refuse initial applications or reject renewal requests from merchants attempting to stack debts. Businesses hoping to spread funding obligations across companies may wind up losing the financial support on which they were hoping to rely.

Business-Friendly Funding

Banks and other non-bank financial businesses offer funds to businesses, but unlike banks, non-banking financial companies are willing to offer funds to all kinds of businesses except start-ups. Banks need to be registered while others do not need to be.

The application process is rather simple and quick and this means that clients of Cresthill Capital have lesser complaints than big banks. The rates are competitive and the funds are offered as quickly as possible which helps in the smooth flow of the business.

Financing For Small Enterprises

Cresthill Capital works with small business enterprises and provides them with financing options to suit their risk and credit evaluations. This financing becomes necessary because a small entrepreneur typically would not have all the money he needs to set up his business and get it running. Crest Hill Capital is an established leader in the industry.

The What And Why Of Running Small Businesses

One thing all candidates regardless of party affiliation agree on, is that small businesses are the true backbone of the United States economy. It is not Wall Street or the mega-corporations, it’s the local business that serves the needs of the community. Small businesses have challenges that are very different from stock companies.

They do not have institutional investors, they do not have investors at all. Most small businesses are started with the owner’s personal funds or finance from family or friends. But sometimes it needs help. It needs investment from a company like Cresthill Capital.

Kick Starting Your Business Ideas with a Plan and a Flexible Cash Advance

An unsecured cash advance is the best kind of funding for any small business. In order to obtain a cash advance, your business plan should be detailed, clear and well planned. Unlike conventional banks, non-bank financing companies like Cresthill Capital do not consider past credit history to assess the profitability and value of your company.

What Does A Business Plan Convey?

What defines your company? How will it function? What is the vision and purpose of your business? A good business plan does not just showcase a brilliant, creative idea but it also explains why a particular service or product is essential. It shows in great detail the cost analysis of running your business. The plan includes the money required for salaries, licenses, marketing, fees for consultancy and infrastructure.

​This enables the funding company to see exactly where the money is going to be spent and how it is going to help generate profits. Another important aspect of a business plan is that it reflects your expertise and skill. It shows whether you are qualified to run a business and whether the risk is worth taking. It must include data regarding the competition that exists and how you intend to succeed.

​The lender must be aware of the important role your product, brand or model is going to play in bringing in profits. According to Cresthill Capital Reviews, while business owners may not always gain profits in the first year of the operation, it is important to state how they are going to be able to make payments toward the funds received.

Expand Your Small Business Easily with Alternative Lending

Did you know that 52% of the total employees in the United States of America work for SMEs and about 98% of firms are small businesses with not more than 20 employees? Well, that quite clearly states that small businesses are the real backbone of the American economy.

But in spite of all the economic opportunities available, running a small scale business successfully can be rewarding and challenging both at the same time. While rewards are easy to guess, the challenges primarily consist of lack of funds, bad credit score, unavailability of collateral, rejection of applications from banks, etc.

According to reports, easy access to funds can make a great difference to small and medium-sized businesses noticeably. This is where non-bank alternative financing companies like Cresthill Capital come into the picture and bridge the liquidity gaps for small business owners easily and quickly. So, if you are still unaware of the advantages of choosing alternative finance over other traditional modes of funding, just go through this list and start working on your business expansion plans today:-

Why Choose Alternative Lending Over Traditional Lending?

Do you keep chasing traditional lenders to fulfill capital requirements for your business expansion? Are you tired of long paperwork and waiting time for approval from banks? Are you tired of running after people to access funds for your business? If so, why haven’t you tried alternative lending yet?

In the last decade, a number of alternative lending companies like Cresthill Capital have emerged and saved the small and medium scale business owners from all the hassle. In fact, a number of SME owners have started to realize that it is a far better option than banks and other traditional lenders when it comes to small business funding.

A Look At How Alt-Finance Is Helping Restaurant And Cafe Owners Grow Their Businesses

Alternative online lenders have been around for over a decade now and during this time have supported millions of American small business owners on their growth journeys. In this article, we will explore the impact of Alt-Lending on one specific industry – restaurant and cafés – through 3 diverse case studies from Cresthill Capital –…

3 Reasons Why Cresthill Capital Is Perfect For Small Business Finance

Before I started my business, I always thought of business funding as something LARGE and SERIOUS. You only went looking for outside financing when things got tough or when you wanted a huge sum.

Now, after 10 years as a small business owner, I, of course, know better!

Small businesses have small needs, but if we don't get help on time, these can snowball into huge problems! We don't have vast reserves in the bank or have collaterals that can be used in tight times. We usually rely on our revenues to meet our expenses and run our homes, so sometimes even one bad run of luck or extra long off-season can create financial stress on the workings of our businesses.

03 Types of Alt-Financing You Might Not Know

Are you looking for some capital to grow your small scale business or implement new initiatives? If yes, by now you must have got the idea that banks are not really helpful. Thankfully, they are not the only option available anymore. For a decade now, small and medium scale business owners can choose Alternative Finance…