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Traveling to Flores

Flores Komodo Tour to Majestic Mountains | Chuangywomen

The majority travelers know Flores for its infamous Komodo National Park, a member of New 7 Wonder of the World, a UNESCO World’s Heritage, and much importantly, home for the last dragons in the earth. Ever since its nomination as the New 7 Wonder candidate, the Komodo quickly become an overnight travel sensation, drawing wanderers and wildlife enthusiast to the far-flung region. Today, people are signing up for Flores Komodo tour every day to sail around Flores’ beautiful archipelago and walk with the dragons in the isolated Komodo Island.

Things in Luxury Liveaboard Komodo You Can’t Find in A Hotel | Pictalopro

A staycation on luxurious resort at one secluded shore still on the dream of many of the deep-pocketed folks. To wake up in stark white beach with only lines of your footprints on the sands. To be away from hustle and bustle of the world and enjoying a quiet peaceful time under the beach shades. To fully immerse in tropical sun and let all worldly worries steams. Upscale hotels and resort might be the first choice for luxurious holiday a decade ago, but that’s before luxury liveaboard strikes popularity in the market. This new travel establishment has been stealing lots of high-income earners’s hearts, and in a remote frontier like the Komodo, Flores, Indonesia, liveaboard Komodo has proved itself as a highly functional floating resort. While you can always opt for upscale land-based hideaway in Labuan Bajo or in one of Komodo’s secluded island, staying in these luscious yacht brings distinct experience that you won’t find in any resort.

How to Get Cheaper Rate Komodo Diving Liveaboard | Saltoalto06

If you are a keen traveller, chance are you have already heard about Indonesian’s Komodo National Park and its amazing sailing trip. Not only it’s the last natural resort of the last and only dragon on earth, the KNP is also home to one of world’s best dive site. Located in the heart of coral triangle, government-protected, and in the meeting point of two currents, Komodo’s water is overflowing with abundant marine life. Rich coral varieties, hundreds of pelagic, Manta, and thousands more species of fishes and critters. That’s why, amongst other travelling options in Flores, Komodo diving liveaboard become the most favourite one. People loves having the opportunity to explore the stunning, Jurassic-esque islands all around the Komodo as well as venturing to the wonderful underwater world. 

Travelling With Non-Diver to Komodo Liveaboard Trip - Lcxinyuan

When you think about Komodo Liveaboard trip, the first thing to conjure up in your head might be the Komodo dragon trip, A visit to the dragons’ lair, followed by hike to the surrounding hilly islands, and amazing dive sessions in Komodo’s brilliant water. In fact, almost all liveaboard operator in the Komodo National Park offer two to five dive session per day on the sailing trip. Some liveaboard even dedicate themselves for full-sail dive trip in Komodo, with only occasional hike featuring the itinerary. For someone who has full interest on venturing the world under the water, this would be a heavenly holiday. Especially since the Komodo is known for its incredibly rich marine life and vibrant ecosystem—appearing almost like a world-sized aquarium.

Making the Best Komodo Boat Trip for You | Kamloopsweddingcakes

Komodo boat trip is perfect to fill a summer trip. It’s a journey to a frontier full of unexpected adventure! Don’t let your trip pass just as that. Here, we have covered some few things to make the best of your boat trip to Komodo.

Awesome Things You Shouldn’t Miss on Luxury Liveaboard Komodo - Shamrocktemecula

One of the awesome thing to do in luxury liveaboard Komodo: watch sunrise from the deck and continue it with relaxing yoga session! Here’s more things on what you shouldn’t skip during sailing onboard

Surviving A Komodo Liveaboard Trip and Come Back with Epic Story | Massautomation-global

Are you a traveller ready to sail in remote destination in one of Indonesia frontier, the world-famous Komodo National Park? Have you prepare yourself with the live in Komodo liveaboard? For many travelers, liveaboard is like a dream holiday. Basically liveaboard trip in Flores consist of eat, dive, hike, chill on the beach, sleep, and repeat. However, to come back with epic stories of the Komodo National Park, you need to adapt and survive the sailing trip itself, and here’s how.

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Taking a family surf holidays with your little peanuts is not impossible. You just need more detailed preparation, and here’s what to take notes on.

Small and Useful Things to Bring to Komodo Cruise - Thuyloi4a

It’s only days before your long awaited sailing trips to the forgotten lands with Komodo Cruise. You are almost finish packing—you have prepared all the essentials. Sun hats, swimming suits, sunblocks, summer clothes, important documents, and all travel-sized toiletries. Only one last final packing, and you are ready to go. At least, that’s what you think. But do you? While you can’t live without the essentials, you might forget about these small but useful things that would make your life in the phinisi cruise more comfortable.

Shopping Guide on Komodo Island Trip | Northbaycorvettes

Komodo Island made its name to the world due to its toxic inducing, wild and prehistoric Komodo dragon lizards that’s curiously been roaming the earth since 5,000 million years ago and now left in the tiny islands of Flores. Now, Indonesia’s Komodo National Park has slowly drawing huge attention from worldwide travelers mainly due to the dragon beast and the magnificent beauty of the islands themselves.