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05 Wild Animals You Should Not Miss Seeing in United Arab Emirates – The Regions Favourite Creatures

Some expected and some unexpected surprises, this list of wild animals to look out for in the UAE is a must for wild life enthusiasts. Try to stop as many as possible on your visit.


The Arabian Oryx

This is the national animal of the United Arab Emirates, and thus an important one to look out when travelling the Emirates. These creatures were once declared critically endangered, and then became endangered in the wild until they were reintroduced through a breeding program carried out on the Sir Bani Yas island where the Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Sahel Villas are located. This antelope with long erect horns is an interesting site, and its image is seen all over the UAE, both historically as well as in the modern age. Seeing an Oryx maybe the closest you can come to seeing a unicorn, as there is ancient belief that the myth of the unicorn may have emerged from sightings of an oryx that had lost on of its horns.


Red Fox

This small fox is an inhabitant of the desert, and is similar in appearance to the common red fox. It is well adapted to surviving the desert conditions, including the fur that it has in between its toes, which prevent them from getting burnt. This little animal has a reddish – brownish coat, and usually lives a very solitary life, mostly active during the night-time hours. If you are interested in spotting these animals on your trip to the United Arab Emirates, why not add a safari to your list of activities in Abu Dhabi or wherever you may be traveling through?


Arabian Tahr

Almost similar to a goat, the Arabian Tahr is a curious creature, and will make an intriguing sight. This variety is relatively smaller than other types of Tahr, though they are strong creatures with a stocky build. One of the creatures intriguing features are its horns, thick and rolled backward. These horns are present in Tar of both sexes, though the males have a thick mane that the that the females do not have. These creatures are most often spotted in mountainous regions, though unfortunately they are now on the list of endangered species. There are some conservation efforts, such as that at the Sir Bani Yas island.


Wild Camel

You cannot go to the United Arab Emirates and not see camels. Not only are they a must see, they are actually hard to avoid as there are so many in the Emirates. While you can get close to, or even enjoy a ride on one of the domesticated camels, seeing these gentle giants in the wild is an amazing experience. Wild camels roam the dessert, and spotting them with their unusual build as a silhouette in the distance with a desert background is an amazing sight, and worth clicking some pictures of. These animals are truly an icon of the region.



This one may come as a surprise, as the images we see of the United Arab Emirates are always the wonders of the desert terrain. However, you don't need to step into an aquarium to see dolphin in the UAE, there are many beaches to visit from where you can see these lovable creatures in the wild. So, remember to put these beaches on your list of places to visit if you are an animal lover visiting the UAE.