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Wandering the Earth

How to Plan Komodo Boat Trip to Your Needs | ResortselvagemResortselvagem

For travelers and wanderers of the earth, the name of Komodo National Park might be as familiar as Galapagos. Plunged far in eastern Indonesia’s frontier, this chain of islets are the last sanctuary of the great and rare Komodo dragons, the only colony of dragons in the earth to live in the wild. And much like the Galapagos, Komodo is tightly ties with liveaboard, cruises, or yachts—you basically need to arrange a Komodo boat trip to experience what this raw frontier has to offer. 

Komodo Sailing Trip: Five Things You Might Not Know About | Kamloopsweddingcakes

Ever since it’s nomination as one of New 7 Wonder of Nature, Komodo National Park has definitely gained a place on travelers’ bucket list. Home for the last colony of Komodo Dragons on earth, idyllic beaches, and jagged savannah hills, this UNESCO World Heritage site has a certain wild and wondrous flavour to satisfy the most Jurassic-esque adventure. Certainly, cruising around the Flores Sea while hopping between island within the national park is the best way to enjoy Komodo’s beauty. You might have heard some of Komodo’s main attraction; bird-eye view of panoramic hills, pink sands, dragons, wild life, and incredible marine life. Here, we compiled six things you might have not know about sailing in Komodo.

Best Dinner Idea at Komodo Yacht Charter | Rebuildingcolossos

For people who cherished sailing travel much, a gateway to the pure and isolated Komodo with luxurious Komodo yacht charter sounds like a perfect way to spend the summer. The sunny season calls for relaxing sunbathe in hideaway beaches, snorkelling under the bright blue water, a wild adventure with Komodo dragons, and of course, dinner cruise to perfectly end the day. While you are on Komodo, don’t waste the opportunity to create exceptional dinner experience that you won’t easily get back in the mainland. Even the best restaurant back in the land cannot beat the experience of eating out on the water. Here in Komodo, yachts and cruisers goes out of their way on creating one-of-a-kind dining experience that won’t easily be forgotten. Dining, on these cruisers, were just as important as the rest of the adventure itself, and here’s where you could taste the best yacht dining albeit being in the middle of frontier Komodo.

How to Find the best bars in Bali Seminyak During Holiday | Mastibids

Holiday is just another reasons to taste a brand new nightlife in a new city. One of the most popular holiday destination would be Bali, a little island nestled in South East Asia. Bali, the Island of Thousands Gods, albeit of being popular for beautiful beaches, lush rice paddies, and exceptional religious ceremonies, hides hundreds of cool bars and hangouts that line up the beaches. Beers and chill has become a growing culture in Bali—particularly around Kuta, Seminyak, and Canggu—and it’s on everyone list to roll into this tropical paradise and discover the coolest bars and live their best time on the island. Finding the best bars in Bali Seminyak is easier than you think, and here’s how you can find one.

Sailing the Liveaboard Labuan Bajo with Kids the Right Way - Pinkvisualpass2

The Komodo National Park, which lately has been rising as one of the most popular travel destination in South East Asia, is largely famous for its prehistoric, human-eating Komodo dragons, the only colony to survive in the world. But the dinosaur-esque Komodo dragons aren’t Flores’s only attraction. Aside from “dragon hunting”, Flores is recognised as an exceptional sailing trip destination, thanks to dozens of remote islands adoring the blue sea. The Komodo National Park itself comprise over 30 islands, surrounded by clear turquoise water that also the home of some of the richest marine life on Earth. Flores made its name with more than a handful of panoramic islands, empty beaches, and dive site to explore, making liveaboard Labuan Bajo as the most favoured option to travel the Komodo.

Secret of Flores: 4 Extraordinary Things to Do On Your Next Flores Komodo Tour | Massautomation-global

Flores, the name of remotely beautiful island in Indonesia that you have probably never heard of, though it’s just one stone throw away from the world famous Bali and Lombok. But if you are a keen traveler, you must have heard of Komodo National Park. The one and only natural habitat for the last colony of Komodo dragons on the entire earth—which made it as a treasured UNESCO World Heritage and one of the New 7 Wonder of Nature. And here’s the things. When people think about the Komodo National Park and Flores, they will mostly think of the popular things; walking tor with three meter long Komodo dragons, diving in the marine parks, having beach galore, and embarking the tropical sailing trip. But Flores, being separated from the Komodo Islands, has so much more to offer than just the gigantic lizards. Here, we comprise five hidden gems in Flores that worth a visit on your upcoming Flores Komodo tour!

First Time Having Wreck Diving in Bali? Here’s What You Need to Do | Purfectlychic

Bali has one of the most popular wreck diving site in the north coast. It’s the USS Liberty Ship, a previously US Army cargo ship serving in World War II. This wreck dive is available for all levels, and here’s what you need to know if you’re going for your first wreck dive ever

Three Best Dive Sites in Bali for Deep Diving - Newbalancestoreinc

Ah, the magnet of the deep. When you have nearly a hundred (or more) dives below your belt, it’s natural if you are curious about what’s hidden where the blue water gets darker. Seasoned divers are teased to the idea of seeing things they cannot see in shallower water. Stranger ocean creatures, wrecks, and healthier corals are the most common lure of the deep sea. Any dive below 30 meters/ 100 feet is essentially a deep diving, and Bali has a fair share of good sites for that. Below is three best dive sites in Bali for enjoying the depth of the sea. 

The Most Frequently Asked Questions by Scuba Diving or Beginners! | Chuyenthumuaphelieu

Naturally, there were so many questions asked on classes for scuba diving for beginners. Here’s some of the most frequently asked, and we hope it would help for anyone who’s interested in scuba diving.

How to Survive and Have Enjoyable Komodo Liveaboard Trip | ResortselvagemResortselvagem

Komodo liveaboard, the epitome of trip in Flores. To see the home of the last dragons, to venture to wild empty islands full of savannah fields and high palm lontar trees, to walk in gorgeous deserted beaches, and to see bustling rich marine life underneath. But how can you actually survive the trip and come back with epic stories?

Komodo Yacht Charter Aren’t For These People, Are You One of Them? - Shortsalesuperseries

It’s hard to compare a travelling experience like what you’ll get with Komodo yacht charter sailing trip. To wander into the raw, rugged, Jurassic-looking Komodo National Park. To sail in all teakwood ship just like the impressive sailors, seamen, and pirates in bygone era. To wake up in early in the morning just to get brushed by soft salty breeze and get surrounded in calm sea and breathtaking sceneries of the surrounding islands. Sailing in Komodo yacht charter sailing trip is like having a perfect combo of rugged adventure and the comfort of luxury treats. 

Five Awesome Things to Do in Padar Island - Shamrocktemecula

It is not exaggerating to say that Padar Island is the most scenic island in Indonesia. Its unbelievable landscape covers exotic jagged hills, four crooked beaches, and unending azure sea enveloping the surrounding island. When you get to the top viewpoint, you will see beautiful shades of brown and blue dominate everything in the horizon. The Padar Island is totally picture perfect and the steep hike worth every single drop of sweat. 

Try This: Scuba Diving Holidays for Beginners | Kallierossskincare

No time is better than the holiday season to try something new. Like diving and being able to discover a whole new world underneath the ones you already know. Once you able to navigate under the water, you will suddenly have thousands other awesome destinations to explore! On the other side, having scuba diving holidays is a great way for beginners to try a new sport and get a relaxing break at the same time. So wait no more. Have a scuba diving course for your next holiday. 

Things to Know Before Booking A Surf Camp in Maldives! | Djerou

Maldives has made its remarks in the world and that’s for legit reasons. The archipelagic country is knows best for its tranquil waters, pristine white sand beaches, serenity, and world class waves and marine life. In fact, the Maldives offers one of the best waves around the globe. Surfing in  Maldives combines warm waters, bright sun, and generally shoulder-height waves for just a fun and leisure surf. For surfers who want the best of Maldives, staying at one of the surf camp is the best option. And here are several things you need to know before booking one.

The Best Komodo Liveaboard: A True Relaxing Journey - Thuyloi4a

Spending a fortune to find the best Komodo liveaboard and join the extraordinary trip can probably hurt your savings, but it’s important to consider the benefits that you will get out of it. Aside from the adventure that you will get, you are also accommodated with some luxurious facilities aboard the ship.

Stuffs to Leave Home on Scuba Diving Bali Holiday | KITS

It’s easy to go overboard while planning for something we love to do. Planning a scuba diving trip to Bali, for example. The underwater land from the tropical paradise itself! To keep your dive bag compact and light, leave these things home while you are on scuba trip to Bali. You don’t want to overpack and pay excess baggage fees. 

Things to Know About Going on A Komodo Liveaboard | Northbaycorvettes

The holiday time has come and you begin to browse what’s up with the hyped Komodo trip in this far flung frontiers. You might have booked one and ready for a once in a lifetime vacation in the real-life Jurassic Islands and the Lost Worlds. However, there are ten things to know when going on a Komodo liveaboard which will help you to have a smoother adventures while sailing the archipelago.

Diving in Komodo: Other Side of the Trip You Should Prepare | Pcattendancesystem

You have long heard the excellence of Komodo National Park, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature and the cherished UNESCO World Heritage. One of the jewel of the sea in Southeast Asia. The richest marine biodiversity in the world just after the famous Raja Ampat. The last land of prehistoric beasts—the legendary Komodo Dragons. It is extremely unlikely you can appreciate everything Komodo brings to the table—both in land and under the water—without bouncing on one of those Komodo liveaboard trip. Yes, you heard it right. Diving in Komodo comes in liveaboard and that’s the thing you should prepare other than wet suits and dive bags.

10 Essentials for Your Remote Komodo Island Vacations - Thuyloi4a

There’s something about going on a sailing trip on a remote islands like the Komodo national park in Flores, Indonesia.To be away from everything and escape to the heart of nature. However, the excitement of meeting dragons and enjoying pristine beaches in Komodo Island could distract your from packing properly for the tropical trip. Here are 10 essentials you should never forget!