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Security Token Offering for Real Estate Asset

An end-to-end asset-backed token for Real Estate Industry. We help the industry in technology, legal and auditing process to raise capital via property-backed tokens. Our tokens are compliant with numerous jurisdictions with the regulations embedded in a smart contract.


Tokenized Real Estate

Tokenized Real Estate

Tokenized Real Estate ensures the illiquid assets are used to raise funds for future projects without the hassles and time taken for liquidation. At Blockchain App Factory, we provide end to end solutions with investor and admin dashboards, automated KYC/AML and Voting Rights.

How to Tokenize Commercial Real Estate Asset - Blockchain app Factory

The commercial real estate tokenization is the first to enter in 🛡️security token industry. We can tokenize real estate assets🏠 by following requirements.

Security Token Offerings - The Secure Way to go Public

Security tokens are on the blockchain and the smart contracts enable them to act in a defined way.

A Guide to Building Your STO Marketing Plan - Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory has the expertise it takes to create your security token offering and market it effectively as well!

What is Real World Asset Tokenization on Blockchain - Blockchain App Factory

Asset tokenization is a revolutionary new process in the world, check this blog for how to tokenized your real-world assets on the blockchain.

Complete Guide to Security Token Exchange - Blockchain App Factory

However, with so much of backing and support, it will not be long before blockchain and security token exchanges creep into the mainstream arena of investment.

Tokenized Art Offering

Tokenized Art offering ensures the investor can own a piece of painting and reduce the cost of maintenance. Art tokenization platform on blockchain ensures that the investors can invest in new art, galleries or single art and get dividends once the paintings are sold.


Tokenized Real Estate

Tokenized Real Estate

Tokenized real estate has made it very easy to liquidate large assets such as buildings and office spaces. Blockchain App Factory has unparalleled experience in this domain and can help you launch an innovative asset tokenization platform with ease.

Real Estate Tokenization

Blockchain allows investors to build a comprehensive portfolio of real estate assets through tokenization. Blockchain App Factory is a pioneer in real estate tokenization, and our end-to-end solutions are tailored to meet your business requirements.

Real Estate Backed Token

Blockchain App Factory can help you market your real estate assets to a larger investor audience using blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Our team of experts can develop an intuitive and innovate real estate backed token for your project.

Real Estate Platform Development

One of the most important steps in real estate platform development is selecting a robust blockchain structure to host your tokens. Blockchain App Factory is a leading asset tokenization firm, and we have experience in building solutions on Ethereum, Hyperledger, Stellar and other popular blockchains.

Tokenization Of Real Estate Assets

Tokenization of real estate assets requires compliance with different regulations such as KYC and AML as well as the presence of smart contracts to ensure the security of the platform. Blockchain App Factory is a top blockchain development company, and our experienced team can help you navigate the process of asset tokenization to develop customized and white-labeled solutions.

Security Token Offering

Security Token Offering is a trusted and optimized crowdfunding mechanism that is approved by the SEC. Create an STO for your business with Blockchain App Factory, a top cryptocurrency development firm that offers a variety of white label and scalable solutions.

Compliant Security Token Platform

Blockchain App Factory can help you develop a robust compliant security token platform. Our team of professional developers can create intuitive solutions that match your business requirements and give your product a competitive edge.

Security Token Offering Process

The security token offering process is gaining a lot of popularity among entrepreneurs and investors. Blockchain App Factory is a top development firm that offers a variety of feature-rich services that integrate the best practices and are highly reliable.

Token Development Services

Blockchain App Factory is a one-stop-shop for all token development services. We have extensive experience with different types of token creations such as ICOs, STOs, and IEOs. Our services are rated highly by our customers because they are equipped with all the latest features and security protocols in the market.

Security Token Offering For Fundraiser

Security token offering for a fundraiser is an optimized way for entrepreneurs to raise funds for their projects. Blockchain App Factory is the best token development firm in town offering a wide range of solutions that are guaranteed to give your business a competitive edge.

Legal aspects of a Security Token Offering - Blockchain App Factory

Security Token Offerings are expected to open the floodgates to the opportunities of investments. Since the backbone of an STO is blockchain, it offers universal access and faster transactions.

Security Token Offering

A Security Token Offering is a crowdfunding mechanism that uses blockchain technology. Entrepreneurs and startups alike can raise capital for their business in no time by offering digital tokens to the public. These digital tokens are backed by some form of real-world asset. Need some assistance to launch your own STO? Blockchain App Factory provides expert services at extraordinary rates.

Compliant Security Token Platform

Security tokens are regulated and backed by security like gold or property. They are issued via crowdfunding platforms to collect funds for the business. Looking to build a Compliant Security Token Platform for an STO? Blockchain App Factory has got you covered. They provide all-inclusive solutions that cost-effective and instant.

Security Token Offering Process

Confused about the whole Security Token Offering Process and how to succeed? Don’t worry! Blockchain App Factory is there to help. They will take you to step by step through all the procedures and ensure that you launch your STO successfully without any hurdles on the way. For more details, have a look at their website.

Security Token Offerings Provider

Security tokens have changed the way crowdfunding works. They are digital tokens that are offered to investors who fund the company and their idea. In search of a top-level Security Token Offerings Provider? Get in touch with Blockchain App Factory. With years of experience in the field of blockchain and crowdfunding, they can truly help your STO be a success.

Security Token Offering For Fundraiser

Crowdfunding has advanced over the years. We now use blockchain technology to offer tokens to the public and raise funds for business operations. Now entrepreneurs and startups use Security Token Offering For Fundraiser events. STOs provide investors with security and easy access. Looking to launch your own? Blockchain App Factory is a top developer, have a look!