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07 Things to do in Oman – For a Journey you'll never Forget

Oman is a great destination for a holiday because there is so much to see and discover in this country. Explore these Beautiful landscapes and sights and this rich culture.


The Deserts

The desert landscapes are what the region is best known for, and if you are visiting Oman, it is a must to put a desert tour or a desert safari on to your list of things to do. The never-ending expanses of sandy landscapes, and the interesting variety of plant and animal life you will see will make it a memorable experience. Some of the best places to visit for this are Bawshar Sands, Ramlat Tawq and A'Sharquiyah Sands.


Forts and Castles

The history and architecture of a country are two of the things that travellers love to explore, and the best place to do this in Oman is by visiting some of the local forts and castles. These structures, with their unique Arabian architecture which combine a sort of minimalism with grandeur, will give you a great insight into the local heritage. The Al Jalali Fort, Al Mirani Fort, Bahla Fort and the Al Hazm castle are some Oman attractions you must check out!


The Wadis

The wadis you will find in Oman are guaranteed to be a pleasant surprise, vastly different to the desert landscapes you may expect of the country. In between vertical desert, you find these oases, with cool water to take a dip into, or swim along as you admire the sights around you. Take a hike to arrive at these spots of a memorable outdoor adventure. Wadi Shab, Wadi Bani Khalid, Wadi Al Hawqayn and Wadi Damm are some of the favourites.


The Beaches

Did you imagine when you decided to visit Oman that your travels could include a visit to beautiful beaches at a place like Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara? Oman seems to have it all, and this includes beautiful spots for an oceanside holiday. Relax on white sands and enjoy a stress relieving visit to the spa. Some of the best beaches in Oman include the Salalah beach, Al Mughsayl beach and Tiwi Beach.


The Souks

A visit to one of the country's best souks is a great way to experience Oman in its most authentic form, these traditional bazars are full of exciting goodies waiting to discover and to brought back home. Witness the local lifestyle and culture, as well as the heritage unique to Oman. This is the shopaholics dream. Some of the best souks among many to visit are the Nizwa Souk, Muttrah Souk and the Bahla Souk.


The Mosques

Considering the importance, they play in Oman, it is no surprise that some of the country's greatest Mosques are breathtakingly beautiful. From the grand architecture, the ornate details and the peaceful atmosphere, there is so much to be amazed by during your visit. some of these Mosques accommodate tourists and even non-Muslims during certain hours, but remember to dress modestly, and woman should cover their hair for the visit. The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque should be number one on your list.


The Mountains

In addition to all the other amazing landscapes that the country offers, there are fantastic mountainous regions that you must visit. At the peaks of these you will find the weather to be cool and comfortable, ideal for a hike, camping or just sightseeing. Try Jebel Akhdar, Jebel Shams, or Jebel Ghawil for a memorable experience.