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Common Myths About Eyesight Which We Believe In

American ophthalmologists have debunked common myths about things that worsen our eyesight. There are some of them:


Squinting is bad for your eyes

Squinting is bad for your eyes

Actually, when we are squinting we are automatically shrinking our pupils, it improves our eye focus. The desire to squint is caused by the disorder of refraction of light inside the eye. Wrong light refraction makes everything around us blurry. The habit of squinting doesn’t worsen our eyesight, but it has some cons: continuous tension of facial muscles may cause a headache and appearance of premature facial lines. This habit is not bad, but it’s not good.


Reading in low light

The lower the light, the more blown the pupils are. So that twilight doesn’t damage your eyesight. But long reading in an uncomfortable position can reduce your vision. Keeping your eyes in one fixed spot at the same distance causes ocular muscle tension. Reading in this regard can be more dangerous than watching TV.


Eating carrot helps to improve your vision

That’s a myth! Sure, retinol is necessary for our eyes, but it doesn’t improve our vision. Retinol only helps to keep normal moisture of mucous membranes of the eyes. However, we need retinol even in adulthood, but for getting it, we need to eat at least 7 pounds daily.

Meanwhile, children and teens need more vitamin D and calcium for right bone formation and for strengthening membranes of the eyes. That’s why children should eat more cottage cheese and other dairy products, chicken and cod liver, and egg yolk. But adults should also integrate these products into their daily nutrition.


Your eyesight will worsen with age

Of course, age-related diseases are inevitable. For example, cataract is an age-related change akin to gray hair. But, we can stop the progression of many age-related changes. Most of these changes are due to a reduction of general health. It is therefore important to follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid bad habits.


Gymnastics for the eyes will improve your vision

Gymnastics for the eyes is necessary only for children and teens with eye focus problems. But it won’t spare you from needing to wear glasses.


Not wearing prescribed glasses worsens your eyesight

Actually you need glasses to see better. If you will not wear them, the worst thing that may happen is eye tension caused by persistent attempts of vision focusing.


Strabismus goes away on its own as the child ages

Kid’s strabismus should always be treated. The sooner the treatment begins, the better the chance to completely cure strabismus.


If your child doesn’t have eye problems, you don’t have to visit an ophthalmologist

Every child, even the healthy ones, need to see an eye doctor every three years. It can help identify possible problems in time: strabismus or amblyopia.