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Every #business owner has a dream, a vision. Say it out loud! Let it out of your mind! Let it breathe!
And when you have a #plan that makes your dream achievable, call us Mantis Funding LLC at 800-828-0452. We will help you turn it into reality.


Getting Funding for a New Supplier Is Not Always Easy by Mantis Funding

Every business, large or small, that sells
a product must have a supplier for that product. When your business contracts
with the supplier, you agree on certain business terms to which both you and

Should Your Small Business Consider Capital Funding to Provide Your Small Business Loan? – Mantis Funding Reviews

Micro businesses and small businesses face different challenges when they need small amounts of capital funding. Many factors can cause them to need just a few thousand dollars to be able to get by in slow or hard times. Many factors can cause a small business to need additional funding for the short-term and a…

When Your Business Experiences a Downturn, Capital Funding May Help – Mantis Funding

It doesn’t matter what business you own, what product you sell or what service you offer. It is inevitable that there will be times that your businesses experience a downturn or a reduced cash flow. In these times you can turn to your company's rainy day fund, but for many small or micro businesses, this…

How New Regulations Can Lead Small Businesses to Need a Capital Funding Company

You marketed your business in places like your church and your village’s community center and within no time you had the maximum number of children you would take. You want to be sure they could all get the attention they need and that you could handle. You also like to take the children on little trips like to the zoo or a children’s museum, with parental consent of course. You have a car that can handle the number of children you watch, and you also have the required car seats for the children to make it easier on the parents. All of this is included in the fees you charge. But then your state decided that different car seats were required for younger children. Now you have a dilemma.

What Is a Merchant Cash Advance? – Mantis Funding Cash Advance

Businesses go through ups and downs. These fluctuations can be due to many variables. Severe weather can cause people to stay home or it could cause them to deplete a business of all of their inventory as people prepare for severe weather. Construction projects on roadways can slow business if there is nowhere to park…

Capital Funding Companies Are The Best Support System For A Small Business

A good number of small and micro business owners are realizing the value attached to capital funding companies like Mantis Funding when it comes to meeting their urgent cash flow needs.

Not that the capital funding companies will simply pass out cash on receipt of a request. They do have their own evaluation criteria. However, when it comes to small and micro business ventures, the evaluation criteria of capital funding companies which rely on reviewing the revenue stream and business model of a company (rather than the credit score) is more practical.

Everything You Need To Know About Capital Funding Companies – Mantis Funding LLC

Business models have changed over the years. And so have the business financing sectors. Businesses, especially small and micro ventures are no longer dependent on banks for cash advances. Capital funding companies like Mantis Funding LLC are the new players in the sector and are seeing a huge following owing to their customer based terms.…

Mantis Funding LLC: Top Reasons To Look For Merchant Cash Advance

Choosing conventional lenders like banks is often not a possibility. This is largely due to their complicated and time-taking application process and strict approval policies. This is when small and medium scale business owners look for tailor-made financial solutions that offer instant cash advances with easy repayment options. Various capital funding companies like Mantis Funding do just that.

Mantis Funding Cash Advances Against Business Revenue

Merchant cash advances given by Mantis Funding LLC do not need any collateral, however, they may require a personal guarantee from the business owner making him liable to make the repayment in the event that his business fails.

Business owners should do their research so that they only deal with ethical companies such as Mantis Funding who can provide them with exclusive funding solutions.

Make Your Automotive Business Thrive With Cash Advance Options from Mantis Funding LLC

New York-based Mantis Funding offers swift and efficient customer service, so you can have the money in your business bank account within a very short period of signing the contract. The long wait period involved in dealing with banks and money lenders is eliminated and you can start utilizing the additional working capital for whatever you had planned.

Help From Finance Companies To Shore Up Working Capital – Mantis Funding LLC

Current assets such as inventory and accounts receivable can be easily converted into cash. Their short term debts and accounts payable are what constitute their current liabilities. Working capital is different from long term capital or equity in that it is used to finance growth in their current assets.

Equity, on the other hand, is needed to finance long term expenses. Finance companies such as Mantis Funding LLC help business owners to shore up their working capital needs.

Importance Of Efficient Management Of Working Capital

Efficient working capital management is essential for a business to survive and free up cash that could be used to clear up debts or invest in another profitable venture. In small businesses, however, liquidity is always an issue mainly due to the scale of its undertakings. Most of them require injections of cash regularly at…

Working Capital Augmentation With Merchant Cash Advances – Mantis Funding LLC

Merchant cash advances from business finance lenders such as Mantis Funding are the alternate source of capital augmentation when all other funding options are closed. The payment is made against future credit card sales and the lender just ensures that the volume of sales is sufficient so that the money lent can be paid back.…

Five Ways Small Businesses Can Use Cash Advances to Grow their Business

For small businesses in America, cash advances are a useful working capital financing tool that can help avert crises and open doors to opportunities. Given below are some situations when the services of working capital funding companies like Mantis Funding can be a life-saver to micro or small businesses.

Mantis Funding Cash Advances

Mantis funding cash advances are meant primarily for small businesses whose income is generated through debit and credit card sales. They are made upfront and the repayment options are flexible and may be done as daily or weekly payments from your bank account as is agreed upon at the time of entering into a contract with the funding company.

The Significance Of Immediate Capital Advances

The significance of capital funding companies providing Mantis funding cash advance to meet urgent cash flow needs is being increasingly recognized. The funding by these companies is a whole lot more favorable, especially towards smaller business ventures as the evaluation criteria are based on the revenue stream and business model of the company.

Money – The Need For Funding

Money is the most critical factor for businesses irrespective of size, nature or sector. From the initial investments to constant working capital for smooth operations in a business lifecycle, cash needs are constant. Sudden roadblocks demand instant cash flow and to mitigate this, the business world has ventured to non-banking institutions that provide Mantis funding cash advance.

A Business Dilemma

Let us consider a small business, say a daycare and the potential financial risks that might arise in the ordinary course of business. The owner markets the business in the village’s community center and within no time the business had the maximum number of children it can take. The business also involves taking all the children on little trips like to the zoo or a children’s museum.

Small Businesses and Their Integral Role In The Market

Mantis funding is aware that small business owners will equip themselves to understand and manage all aspects of a business. From acquiring economic resources to managing employees, entrepreneurs usually do all the work. Small businesses also respond much faster to customer needs and address their concerns immediately.

Financial Mistakes Can Spell Trouble For Small Businesses

Starting a business and seeing it grow and expand takes a lot of hard work, planning, and strategic thinking. Every minute aspect matters from creating a feasible product or service to hiring the right staff but above all managing finances can really play on the company’s survival. There are certain common mistakes that small business owners are prone to making which can be most harmful to a business.

6 Must-Know Facts About The Alternative Lending Industry

Despite what the pundits predicted a few years ago, alternative lending is here to stay. In fact, it has become a mainstay of small and mid-sized businesses looking for funding AND is slowly eating into the client base of the traditional banking sector.

The SMEs first started noticing alternative online lenders a decade ago when they faced a tightening credit situation in the wake of the 2008 market meltdown. When the capital from traditional sources dried up, alt-lenders saved many small businesses by offering flexible and quick funding.

5 reasons alternative financing is the best funding solution for new businesses

Getting business funding is hard, even for healthy, well-established organizations – Most banks need at least 2 years of transaction records to prove sustained profitability, 650+ business or personal credit scores or sometimes collateral to even consider the application.

Imagine how much more difficult this becomes if you are a new business with no transactional data, profit statements, or an established business FICO score. Not meeting these eligibility criteria doesn’t mean that your business is not successful, but how do you convince banks to sign off on the risk presented by your lack of documentation? Well, you can’t! This means that looking for money in the usual, traditional sources will be a waste of time and effort for new business owners.

Alternative lending companies are a better bet! Financing companies like Mantis Funding (which operates out of New York) are a haven for small business owners looking for liquidity to run and grow their companies. These alt-lenders offer the best solution to the capital crunch faced by new businesses. Here’s why –

This Year I Plan To Use Alternative Financing To Make My Christmas Sales Shine Bright!

Just a few weeks, and we enter the X-mas vacation zone! It’s big business time for a lot of industries, such as retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and more. And it’s a high demand time for my liquor store too!

This year I am pulling out all stops to make the most of the holiday season, and the New York-based alt-lender Mantis Funding is helping me with an extremely fair funding deal.

My business has slowed down a tad recently as a large mega liquor store has opened up just a few miles away, and while my local customer base has remained loyal, I feel the need to up my game and explore new opportunities. Christmas seemed like the best time to test some new ideas!

How To Manage Your Small Business' Working Capital With A Quick Cash Advance

Whenever a small or medium-scale businessmen find out that traditional sources of financing are no more helpful, it is none other than alternative financing that comes up as a savior. Renowned alternative lending companies like Mantis Funding offer lucrative funding deals keeping the requirements of small business owners in their minds.

Top Reasons For Seeking A Cash Advance In A Small Business

Be it any facet of a business, it requires funds for smooth functioning. A constant inflow of cash assures the continuous growth and efficiency of the business without any roadblock or obstruction. But it is not always possible for small business owners to keep up with the regular cash requirements and that is when non-bank options like Mantis Funding Cash Advance comes into the picture.