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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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05 things to pack for an Abu Dhabi Visit

Packing for a trip to the Middle East requires some thinking. You must think in terms of culture, weather, and experiences. Places like Abu Dhabi offer a diverse range of attractions and experiences to savour which entails packing a varied range of items, read on to understand better.


The No. 1 rule is to pack loads of sunscreen

You are heading out to the desert and you will not be sitting in your Abu Dhabi resort covering from the heat, instead, you will be out exploring, with so many exciting things to do, Abu Dhabi is a hub for the adventurous. Especially places like Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara, sitting by the waterfront giving you a chance to go explore the region. Hence, sunscreen will be dabbed on quite often, so go prepared, as the desert sun is not kind to uncovered skin and sun-screen will save loads of despair.


An Arabic dictionary

As is the norm, every savvy tourist knows that learning a few common phrases in the dialect of the place they are visiting is a lifesaver. Very handy for when you are visiting the outer regions of Abu Dhabi where English is not given priority, a few sentences in Arabic, such as thank you, hello, how much, how far etc. will help you get by, sans the frustration.


The right clothes

A very strict rule to adhere to when visiting Islamic nations is for one to pack a few conservative clothes. Although places like Abu Dhabi and Dubai are very modern, you must learn to respect the culture and traditions of the people there. You will need to dress appropriately when visiting mosques, villages, official places and other sites of tradition. Take along a scarf or pashmina to cover your shoulders and head, a long cotton skirt or pants and a shirt with long sleeves. While shorts can be worn outside, you must make sure to not offend any traditions or cultural beliefs. Places like Saudi Arabi, on the other hand, stipulate that women wear the abaya, when out, as such you need to follow the rules according to the region you will be touring.


Pack nothing illegal

Taking along illegal substances or products to any country is banned, however, punishments for these crimes in the Middle East are stricter. Even your prescription drugs sold over-the-counter back home may be deemed illegal, hence, do take along the corresponding prescription. Do not take alcohol into the UAE, it is banned in some of the countries and will be considered an illegal substance. And just to be sure, get onto the official emigration website of Abu Dhabi and check-out banned products.



That's right folks! Beachwear is a must when visiting the Middle East. Especially places like Abu Dhabi, home to some stunning coastlines and warm oceans. So, do pack a few swimsuits and flip-flops for lazy days on the sandy banks of Abu Dhabi's stunning beach parks.