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06 Reasons why you're going to love Qatar – A land with many wonders!

Qatar doesn't top as a famous tourist destination but here are some of the things that will make you fall in love with this incredible country. Make sure to experience all of it and you will find yourself coming back for more!


The blend of culture

Qatar is blessed with a culture of its own which is a blend of all other cultures around the globe. Just as any other Middle Eastern country, East meets West at Qatar. The diverse culture is mainly because of the extremely diversified population where only 15% of the population are born and bred Qataris. There are many ethnicities from all over the world and they bring diverse cuisines, traditions, and cultures along with them. Qatar is one of the places in the world to experience various lifestyles and mouthwatering international cuisines.



Some of the most popular beaches in here are Zekreet, Al Wakrah, Fuwairt, Maroona Beach, Dukhan and Al Ghariya. Many luxury hotels in Doha Qatar the likes of Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara have their own private beaches as well. If you wanted a catch a tan or simply unwind to the relaxing sounds of waves, visit the beaches at Qatar.



Qatar is blessed with historical monuments and UNESCO World Heritage sites to satisfy any history geek. The Zubarah Fort is one of the most famous historically significant places. This was a fort that was used by the Coast Guards as a station till the 1980s. Now, it is a museum that displays the ruins and remnants found in the Al Zubarak archeological area. This is one of the places any traveller to the country should definitely check out.

The Brazen Towers in the Umm Salal Mohommad municipality is another historical site visited by many locals and tourists alike. This was built in the early 20th century and it was used as a watchtower back in the day.

Visit the Doha Fort which is also known as the Al Koot Fort which is in Souq Waqif. It was built to be used as a police station but now it is converted to a museum.



The blend of cusines in Qatar alone is a reason to visit the country alone. You find restaurants from all around the globe from Europe to South Asia. Some of the best dining places here are Nobu (serving the best sushi in all of Qatar) and Zafran for mouthwatering Indian dishes. There are Syrian and Jordan restaurants that are great dining options as well. Filli Cafe, Tea Time, Chai and Karak are casual joints where amazing Turkish coffee is served. They also have regular food such as chai tea, fried rice, and club sandwiches.



Qatar is a haven for all art lovers. There are many art museums here like the Al Riwaq Museum which showcases the evolution of German designs since 1950 and the Doha Fire Station which hosts the Deutsche Bank Exhibition which displays German art.



Corniche skyline of Qatar is absolutely breathtaking, and it is something every one travelling here should witness. Among other architecture, wonders stand the Qatar National Convention Centre which is shaped like the branches of a tree and the National Museum of Qatar which resembles the petals of a rose. The Al Thumama Stadium is built along the shapes of a headdress of an Arabic man. The country truly does wonders with its buildings!