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Headline for Most Engaging Communications at Un-Conference Congregation 2019
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Most Engaging Communications at Un-Conference Congregation 2019

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(1) Blogposts (Submissions) Paul O'Mahony read before, during & after the conference
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Celebrating its 7th year, CongRegation™ #cong19 (Nov 22-24th), is centred around the Saturday unconference whose central theme is ‘Community’.

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Enda Lynch : "This short discussion document considers the changes afoot and how our understanding of community is being reshaped by professional sport."

You are not Alone in Your Loneliness

Caoimhe O’Rourke : (Audio) On community and loneliness
"she speaks about Loneliness, and how really we are all a big community of lonely people in a lonely world. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. We are never alone in our Loneliness."


Turlough Rafferty: "The passing away of someone can be the catalyst to bring people together and galvanise them in a show of community."



Eileen Forrestal : "A community takes a long time to build, and a short time to destroy. Investing into a community requires patience, time, trust and longer-term commitment that is harder to find with each generation..."

Tweet by Niall McCormick(@nialljmccormick)

... #Cong19 - the ultimate study/life break. Thanks
@eoink and to all the other brilliant lunatics that make @congregation13 what it is! Until next year... #Cong20


Damian Costello
"If you combine ‘Fake News’ and community, you identify a potentially new force of evil – ‘Fake Community’. Is such a thing real? How big a threat is it? What can we do about it?"


Bob Kennedy:
"There is a lack of awareness of what quality and excellence are and their potential for communities and society in general..."

Tweet by Bernard Joyce(@BernardJoyce)

@eoink not a man to lose his head easily but then @ailieirv is no plonker when it comes to blogging for #cong18 . All we know is that this time next year, we'll be ......................... back for #cong19

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So we are out of the blocks for #cong19 in Cong, Co Mayo with an interesting spread of topic areas already proposed. Get in touch if 'Community' sparks curiosity.

Remember the theme for #Cong19 in November 2019 is “COMMUNITY” - aren’t we all desperate to belong to a community - provided it suits us? Maybe some prefer to belong to a club or even a gang? It’s good to hear @dermotcasey again

In the run up to #cong19 with this year's 'Community' theme I will be sharing some existing articles on the topic that I found interesting. First up is @pforti 2017Medium article 'What does “community” even mean?'

Lots of valid points on the complexity of 'Community' by @SSIReview by I was struck by "Communities are nested within each other', something I see a lot. #cong19

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After my first conversation with Bob Kennedy I was really looking to his submission for #cong19. 'Communities of Excellence' narrates what happens when you take manufacturing excellence/improvement methodologies and use them to improve a local community

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"Once you have a disability, 'community' is a much harder thing to access". Some of the gems in @propylonsean #cong19 submission 'Community – a Disability Perspective'

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You can instantly tell the benefit of narrating on RTE's Sunday Miscellany in Kevin McDermott's #cong19 submission. Growing up in a community does not mean you feel belonging. Great points well written.

The 1st submission On Twitter that encouraged communal communication by using the official #Cong19 I’m sharing this because maybe, just maybe, an individual who’s never heard of this un-conference will ask #Whatsthisabout or #whosthisfor