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Vedyou For Better Health

Vedyou provides expert Health advice for Men, Women, children and pets. Also a medical solution for the disease.VEDYOU brings you the best that nature has to offer.

Lotus Pose | How to do Padmasana | Benefits of Padmasana Yoga

Padmasana Yoga: In this Yoga asana, the body appears to be a lotus. Therefore, it is called the lotus pose. How to do Padmasana Yoga steps.

Pregnancy care tips | 10 ways to take care of child health during pregnancy

Taking care of child health during pregnancy is the most important thing. 10 Pregnancy care tips take care of child health during pregnancy.

Angle Pose | How to do Konasana | Yoga Asanas Benefits - Vedyou

In sanskrit it is pronounced as कोनासन. It is made up of two words Kon(Angle) + Asana (Pose/Posture) = Konasana. Steps to do Konasana Yoga.

Scientifically proven benefits of Turmeric – Ayurvedic mantra for better health

About Turmeric and benefits of Turmeric: List of Scientifically proven benefits of Turmeric are skin care, Diabetes, cancer, Wounds Healing..


Supine Twist Pose or Supta Jathara Parivartanasana helps to bring flexibility to your spine.This pose is referred to as reclined spinal twist.

Standing Seal Pose | Dwikonaasana | How to do standing Seal Pose and it's Benefits

Standing Seal Pose (Dwikonasana) is a beginner level yoga pose that is performed in standing position. We describe here Standing Yoga Seal Pose with benefits, contraindications, modifications, variations etc.


Benefits of Padmasana Yoga

Benefits of Padmasana Yoga

Padmasana” is a Sanskrit word and also known as “Kamalasan” and also known as the “Lotus Pose”, because of the lotus shape. By doing Padmasana Yoga asana it improves the breathing in the body. This yoga pose is great for the women’s, by doing this yoga pose it will help in connecting the body, mind, and soul, etc. Give below the benefits of Padmasana Yoga.

  1. Stretches Your Body
  2. Relaxes Your System
  3. Alertness
  4. Good for the Spine
  5. Menstrual Discomfort
  6. Good for Joints