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Updated by Kingkraft Ltd on Mar 06, 2019
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Your Guide to Bathing Aids for Bathing Disabled Adults

Having bathing aids professionally installed into your home will allow greater control and support for the family. When bathing disabled adults, having the right fittings and accessories in your bathroom can make life a lot easier.

Installing bathing aids into your bathroom, can make the space a lot more user friendly for both carers and bathers. It can also be less time consuming, more practical and encourage more control and independence.

Here are our key bathing aids to consider:


Specialist Baths

Specialist Baths

When shopping for a bath suitable for assisting disabled adults, look for both the practical and therapeutic benefits. Check the size of the bath, as those longer in length can provide a more relaxing experience. Height adjustments can also ease back strain for carers.

But when shopping for a family bathroom, consider the finished height of the bath. As functional features such as a drop-side and height adjustments will provide comfortable access for more mobile users.


Bath Cushions and Supports

To support the bather at a comfortable angle, rigid backrests can be a small feature which makes a huge difference. A flexible support can allow bathers to rest in a comfortable position, with knee rests to prevent slipping.


Shower Chairs and Hoisting

For easier mobility to, from and in the shower, shower chairs offer a comfortable solution for both the bather and carer. Or alternatively, hoisting is another practical solution which can make bathing disabled adults a lot easier. They can be mounted or free standing with moveable systems for your own convenience.


Changing and Showering

While many people may favour baths for their therapeutic benefits, showering is often less time consuming and more practical. For safe transfers, reduced back pain and easier assistance, changing tables are available for changing disabled adults and children. A selection of designs will be available, including height adjustment changing tops, mobile tables and shower changing units.


Body Dryer

Body dyers are available to make the post-bathing routine less straining for both bathers and carers. They can be professionally installed into your bathroom and will automatically turn on when you stand in front of it.


Toilets and Basins

To promote independence for disabled adults, specialist toilets are available to assist with washing and drying. With a variety of features available, these specialist designs can cater to a complex set of needs. Functions including height adjustment, odour extraction, seat sensors and adjustable wash/dry settings are all available.

Even better when paired with an assisting basin, available in a variety of basin shapes and sizes. A slim basin surround, selection of tap options and controls make this ideal for bathers. Custom designs are also available.


Shop Bathing Aids for Disabled Adults

At Kingkraft we understand that not only do you need bathing aids which are safe and practical, but also look good in your bathroom. Along with our consultation and full advisory service we have a complex range of bathing aids to choose from.

You can meet with our product experts to examine and determine the best solutions for your home. Prior to installation you will receive CAD drawings to preview how the bathing aids will fit into your home. With help during every step of the way, you can trust our team to renovate your bathroom to cater for disabled adults and carers. Visit our website for more.