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Updated by Gail Zahtz on Aug 16, 2018
Headline for Best Ways for Healthcare Conversations? #CPHC?
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Best Ways for Healthcare Conversations? #CPHC?

Select and vote on your preferred means of communicating with each other and new people about the issues that bring us together for #CPHC. We have had a broad range of input and many people have preferences for platforms, but no one place includes everyone. Even if you have never heard about #CPHC, please feel free to vote and will be included in our upgrades to basic grassroots website One goal is to give private/group and public communications for anyone who cares about health!

WordPress Q&A Plugin On our Website

Q&A allows any WordPress site to have a fully featured questions and answers section - just like StackOverflow, Yahoo Answers and Quora.

Google Plus

An open community on Google for CPHC.

Linked In

Linked In Group




these will be embedded in our website, and are more likely best for public versus private conversation- so after this first list, I will create one for public and one for private from top choices and/or use on the website or other platforms


Forums on Site

Forums on Site

Curated lists of content that can be embedded and voted on- not really discussion so much as another curation (see curation tools list for more idea.)


Open Facebook Group

Open Facebook Group

An open group or page on facebook to discuss and share. Pages have the advantage that they more easily integrate with everyone's apps, productivity tools and other functions.


Twitter Night Chat

Twitter Night Chat

We had one of the most successful health chats - in the top 10 of all health chats for the 60 consecutive weeks it was run. We definitely want to focus more on the connection between solutions, patients and caregivers, and providers and professionals. We also have several dozen communities or areas of focus-so we can do separate chats regularly or as issues arise. We can do an evening health chat and a day time for design and health, etc- please let us know your input. There are currently thousands of health chats that you can already follow and we would not want to duplicate and can find on the symplur healthcare health twitter chat site.


Closed Facebook Group

Closed Facebook Group

Closed group enables "private conversations"




Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams. There are already several online communities within slack and we also have the ability to create one or many communities- general or focused on healthcare. These can be invitation only or provided for anyone who wants to join.

Implementation of Bioengineering to build Human Liver - Insights care

Science and technology help for the better lifestyles. It has transformed human life more efficiently. We must agree with this as not even a single field is there where we don’t use technology. But still, research is ongoing for finding some new technologies by using previously available knowledge and techniques. If we think from the health point of view, is every person having better health? No, a lot of people are having various health problems. Some have serious diseases while some have dysfunction of the organs.

Balanced Diet and Regular Exercise Curtails Colon Cancer | Insights Care

Colon cancer is the cancer of the lower part of the digestive system called the large Intestine or Colon & Balanced Diet and Regular Exercise Curtails Colon Cancer

Humans Are Scutoid: A Brand New Shape Explained | Insights Care

Origin of life has always been a mystery to the man-kind, which further raised a query on how a single-cell turned out to be multi-celled organism.

An Insight to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome - Insights care

In the modern world, everything is changing substantially. Significant changes are observed in all aspects of life style, eating habits, Medicine and Technology, Health and diseases. Nobody has time to look around for fitness and even don’t have a fair chance to take care of ourselves. This constant negligence can put us in danger. When we face any troubles then only we realize the side effects of modern life style. The question will arise in your mind that, why I am talking about all this? And what is the connection of lifestyle and PCOS?

Knockout the Secret Behind Why Baby’s Wake Up in Night - Insights care

Initial weeks are very hectic for the newborns and their mothers, because in this phase, infants are trying to adapt the new things from the surrounding. Mom and other family members are engaged to bring their babies into the routine. The unusual sleep pattern of a child is the major dilemma which is exhausting for new moms. Typically, infants prefer to sleep a lot nearly up to 16 to 17 hours a day. Newborns belonging from the age group of 6 to 8 weeks spent their maximum time in sleeping and used to stay up hardly for 2 hours. Some infants possess less sleep pattern by birth. Their moms will stay up during the whole night to feed them, or to change their clothes as a result at the start of the day she looks tired. Many factors affect the toddlers sleep patterns. Few physiological or developmental possibilities behind the sleep arousal are listed below;

Some Mobile Apps to Download During Your Maternity Leave | Insights Care

we have some useful apps that you should definitely take a look at during your early days of motherhood

Before you opt for IVF, consider this 100-year-old technique - Insights care

Infertile couples can now cheer-up! Theyhave anewly discovered opportunity to achieve successful pregnancy without the need for IVF, all thanks to new research towards optimizing a 100-year-old medical technique.

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