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Top 15 tea growing countries - where to get the best cup of tea.

In many countries, tea is the popular hot drink of choice. Many countries grow tea, and all of them have a unique flavour of its own. Here are some of the top tea-growing countries.



Tea is an important part of China's ancient culture, and today they grow the largest quantity. A variety of teas are grown here, including oolong, jasmine, yellow, and green tea.



India produces a huge amount of tea of different varieties. In the west, the chai blends are quite popular. Assam and Darjeeling teas are also grown only in India. Tea is an important part of the daily life of Indians: though they produce such a large quantity of tea, not much is exported, because 70% of what they produce is drunk within the country itself!



Kenya is trying to find new varieties of tea to grow, including types that can survive in harsh and changing weather. Their tea is growing in popularity, and the country is putting much effort into becoming a top tea growing country.


Sri Lanka

There are three types of tea grown here, specifically Ceylon black tea, Ceylon green tea, and Ceylon white tea. Introduced by the British, tea has become an integral part of Sri Lankan culture. There are many places to enjoy tea, as well as to see the production process, such as in the Uwa Halpewatte Tea Factory. Sit and enjoy a cup of tea while learning about its history, in a place like Halpe Tea.



Vietnam produces tea both on a large scale and in smaller estates that grow artisan teas. There is a wide variety of tea grown in this country. Shan Tuyet tea is one type that is indigenous to this Asian country.



Turkey produces more than coffee! Turkish tea and Rize tea are two popular types grown. A fascinating part of the tea culture in Turkey is their brewing process, which makes strong and uniquely flavoured cups of tea.



This country produces both black and green tea. Though their tea is not world-renowned, it is commonly used in blends and mixes sold all over the world.



Myanmar is making a resurgence in the tea growing scene after issues were found in their production process a few years ago. New practices are making the organic tea grown here rise in popularity.



Coffee may be more popular in Iran, but their tea is certainly worth trying. Tea plants were brought from India by a man working undercover in order to learn the closely guarded secrets of their production.



Bangladeshi tea has been growing in popularity, with the hot and humid weather making it the perfect place to grow many varieties of tea.



Argentina grows mostly black tea, as well as hybrid varieties of teas from India.



Tea was brought from China to Japan, where it became an important part of their cuisine. Most of the tea grown here is green tea, and much of it is drunk within the country itself.



Thailand produces some of the highest quality Oolong tea, enjoyed by tea enthusiasts all over the world.


South Africa

South Africa produces two unique varieties of tea— Rooibos and Honeybush. The climate of the country makes for the perfect place to grow good quality tea.



Nepal is very new to the tea growing scene, with the first company that manufactures tea being built only in 1960. The cool climate allows Nepal to produce high-quality tea, similar to neighbouring regions in India.

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