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Headline for Signs of Deteriorating Eyesight – Warning Signs to Look Out For
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Signs of Deteriorating Eyesight – Warning Signs to Look Out For

Having satisfactory eyesight is very important for many aspects of our lives. There are some warning signs of deteriorating eyesight that you should watch out for, as they could indicate serious problems in vision.


Sudden loss of vision in one eye

A sudden loss in vision may be a sign of various eye conditions and ailments. A possible cause could be macular degeneration, a condition that is considered to be a primary reason for the loss of vision in those aged 65 or older. Another reason for vision loss may be glaucoma, a condition that causes an intensified increase in the pressure of fluid within the eye which will damage the optic nerve.


Floaters, a grey shadow or flashing lights in your vision

If you notice a substantially increased quantity of 'floaters' in your vision, suddenly appeared flashing lights, a greyish curtain appearing across your vision field, or a shadow present in the peripheral vision, it could be due to the retina of the eye being detached. This can happen due to nearsightedness, physical injury, glaucoma and so on.


Eye pain or eye injury

Although most diseases of the eye will be painless, there can be certain conditions and injuries which can cause pain in the eye. Such pain may be the result of dry eye, glaucoma, a scratched cornea, injury and even eye cancer. Any serious eye injury should be brought to the attention of a doctor, especially if you experience pain or redness that continues for some time.


Red eye

Red eye can be a noteworthy symptom of eye ailment, particularly if just one is red. If both eyes show redness, that may indicate a minor ailment like conjunctivitis or just a cold. On the other hand, if only a single eye is red, that could be a suggestion of more serious inflammation, like uveitis or scleritis. Uveitis is the term used for inflammation as well as swelling of the eyeball's central coating. Scleritis means inflammation of the eye's tough, protective outer barrier.


Persistent eye discomfort

If you happen to experience discomfort in an eye following an activity which may have resulted in a little particle entering the eye, like hammering or tinkering beneath a car, it should not be ignored. You should get your eye examined by a doctor so as to ensure that a foreign, possibly infection-causing particle has not entered the eye.


Blurred vision

If your vision is blurred, even temporarily, that could be an indicator of several serious problems, including uveitis, glaucoma, AMD or a torn retina. Also losing your vision in a single eye could be an initial indicator of a stroke. Such vision loss may be an indication that your carotid artery, responsible for supplying blood to your eyes, has been blocked. When it comes to taking good care of your eyes and having an eye examination done, one of the opticians in Sri Lanka to consider would be Vision Care Optical Services.


Eye discomfort caused by contact lenses

Although most contact lens users who conform to the guidelines of using these lenses properly do not generally suffer problems, noteworthy infections may still sometimes arise. If you happen to be a contact lens user, you should not ignore symptoms like redness, pain in the eye, or discomfort; if you experience these indicators, you should consult a specialist immediately.


Complications from eye surgery

If after having undergone eye surgery, you experience symptoms such as pain in the eye, redness, or vision blurring, you should make sure to consult your eye doctor promptly so that an evaluation can be done.