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BlockInspect | News and Media Site

BlockInspect is a news website dedicated to deliver trending news pieces from the domains of blockchain, startups, tech, science etc.

BlockInspect | Latest News About Blockchain, Tech, Science & Startups - BlockInspect

BlockInspect is a news website dedicated to deliver trending news pieces from the domains of blockchain, startups, tech, science etc.

Volvo to induce speed limitation - BlockInspect

In a move, intended to control and reduce traffic fatalities, Volvo has announced that it would limit the speed of its cars to 180km/h (112 mph).

The Space X Falcon 9 launch successful - BlockInspect

For all the people who’ve missed the action, Crew Dragon is used to represent SpaceX’s first spacecraft meant to transfer humans to and from the international space station. The flight is the final test check for the spacecraft. It would include launch, docking with the ISS, and the reentry into the atmosphere of Earth for recovery.

Android is reportedly leaking your personal information - BlockInspect

Various Android apps are still sharing your data with Facebook which could be used to personally identify you for ad tracking straight to Facebook immediately upon logging in.

OKEx adds TRON in its exchange - BlockInspect

According to recent reports, TRON(TRX) is now being listed on OKEx’s customer to customer trading market. OKEx is a Malta based cryptocurrency exchange. It is set to host a number of promotional events for TRON.

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium launched - BlockInspect

In a good news for all the YouTube fans, Google has announced that YouTube Music, YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium have launched in India.

Blockchain could solve rights & revenue issues for content creators - BlockInspect

Content creators have not been able to fully attain the credit they deserve for quite some. It’s a harsh reality that, these artists do not get enough royalty for the content they create and roll out for public consumption through various distributors and agencies. However technology can be harnessed and this issue can be solved. At the moment blockchain looks like the perfect solution. By partnering with relevant companies, artists are looking to reiterate their creative independence, IP ownership and financial transparency.

Spotify rises up against Apple - BlockInspect

In the events related to the fight between the two giants, Spotify has now responded to Apple. Spotify has called Apple a ‘monopolist’.

Cryptopia resumes trading activities - BlockInspect

New Zealand based cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia had suspended several services in January following a security breach. It was reported that hackers were siphoning crypto out of the exchange. Initially deeming the suspension as unplanned maintenance, the firm later confirmed the breaches. The hack amounted to $16 million.

Apple to launch truly wireless earbuds in April - BlockInspect

As per reports from the CNET, Apple is all set to launch its truly wireless Powerbeats earbuds next month. The same H1 chip which is being used in the wireless charging AirPods, will be integrated into Powerbeats as well. It will also feature the always-on Siri Voice assistant.

In another turn of events between the SEO and Elon Musk, Musk has now stated that he in no way violated the settlement agreement.

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Google CEO meets Trump over a possible partnership with the US Government - BlockInspect

Google has long been crafting its partnership with the US government to implement certain contracts and agreements. On Wednesday, Sundar Pichai, Google CEO met with US President Donald Trump to escalate the agreements in consideration.