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Infertility Treatment Centre in India, IVF

Indira IVF is one of the top leading Infertility Treatment Center in India. Are you looking for Test Tube Baby Center in India? then Indira IVF is one of the best options.


Low AMH : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment - Indira IVF

Are you looking for Low Amh Treatment in India? Indira IVF is the best option for you. Get the knowledge about Symptoms of Low Amh, What causes low amh, how to increase amh levels with us.

IVF pregnancy with Endometriosis

If you want to search for IVF pregnancy with Endometriosis then Indira IVF is one of the top leading hospitals in India.

Male Infertility Test with Indira IVF

If you are looking for Male Infertility Test in India? Indira IVF is one of the genuine Test Tube Baby Centre in India. For more details visit us.

Low Sperm Count- Male Infertility Treatment

according to Indira IVF doctors, other causes of Male Infertility Problem is Low Sperm Count for Men. So visit our Indira IVF and Get the best treatment for Male Infertility.

Female Infertility Causes and IVF Pregnancy – Indira IVF Group

If you want to have a baby but not being able to get pregnant after a year then you might have a fertility issue. But don’t panic, IVF pregnancy can help you to enhance the odd of your pregnancy. Due to the existence of infertility treatments like fertility drugs, artificial insemination and in vitro fertilisation…

Possible Causes of Male Infertility

Are you tired of trying to conceive without any positive outcome? Most people have a thought that females are responsible for not having a baby. However, the fact is infertility is linked with men as well. A decade ago, it was assumed that infertility is a disorder related to females only. The changes and lifestyle we live have made both male and female responsible for not having a baby.

Effective and Helpful IVF Success Tips

When you are going to consider in vitro fertilization, you need to do everything to improve your chances with IVF success tips. However, IVF is the most effective assisted reproductive technique in the world.

Myths and Facts About IVF Treatment - Wattpad

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a process of fertilizing an egg with sperm in a culture dish and then reintroduced the embryos into the female’s uterus. In 1978, a breakthrough occurred for the couples who have been facing difficulty in getting pregnant.


An urge of having a child and the societal pressure and pain of serenity has always been a crucial part of human nature. Infertility has become a common problem for the couples wish to complete their families. In India, the incidence of infertility is around 10% to 14 % according to Indian society of assisted reproduction. It is anticipated that of all infertility cases, 40% to 50% are due to male infertility.

Taking a Look Over IVF Success Factors

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a technique that involves fertilizing an egg with a male sperm outside the body. Further, the embryos are transferred into the female’s uterus. IVF technique has become a milestone in the history of medical science. The chances of a successful pregnancy can be attained with this technique. There are various IVF success factors that can influence your treatment.


IVF Myths and Fact | What are the some common myths about IVF

IVF Myths and Fact | What are the some common myths about IVF

Some common IVF Myths and Fact- According to Indira IVF Specialist , Many Patients mind some ivf myths like It is Treatment for the rich and famous, IVF Processes a 100 % Achievement rate, IVF Results etc. for more info visit our post.

Recurrent Miscarriages and Treatment Options

Miscarriage is a very devastating state for a female. Having a single miscarriage can depress enough, but having one after another is a very traumatic experience. The thought of another trail can make you feel like an uphill struggle, with many couples already assuming another loss prior to the beginning of pregnancy.

What is Egg Freezing?

Indira IVF defines here Egg freezing is one way of preserving a woman's fertility so she can try to have a family in the future. It includes collecting a woman's eggs, Egg freezing and then thawing them later on so they can be used in fertility treatment.


In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a procedure which consists of fertilization of an egg with sperm in a laboratory. When you are experiencing infertility you seek infertility treatments. During the consultation, the most commonly asked question of couples are is IVF painful? They wish to go for IVF treatment but their fear of pain attached to this treatment wanders the couple.

Determining the Cause of Recurrent Miscarriage

Recurrent miscarriage is the occurrence of more than two or three repeated pregnancy loss. However, pregnancy loss is a condition when your pregnancy unwillingly ends prior to 20 weeks. Miscarriage is a very painful state for a female after hoping for a child. But it becomes worse when you experience one after another pregnancy loss. The thinking of trying again can make you feel like a tough grind.

Egg-Freezing- A Way To Preserve Woman's Fertility

Sometimes there come fertility problems due to which they have to face various problems and they find difficulties to give birth to the child. However, we all know about the standards of technology and many things have become possible. Like, there are more bright chances for a woman to give birth to a child who is facing infertility problems.

Genetic Testing-To Let You Know About Genes

A medical test that is used to know about the changes in genes, chromosomes or proteins is known as genetic testing. It is done with the help of small samples of blood or body tissues. It is mainly preferred to determine the chance of a person of originating or passing on a genetic disorder. It has been developed enough so that the practitioners or professionals can often pinpoint those genes which are defective or missing. Numerous genetic tests are currently in use and more are getting developed.

Treatment Of Male Infertility-To Make You A Proud Father

Treatment of Male Infertility: In order to conceive a child, it is important for a woman to get pregnant. The sperm of a man must combine with the egg of a woman. The testicles make and store sperm that is ejaculated by the penis to carry sperm to the female reproductive tract with the help of sexual intercourse.

IVF Pregnancy With PCOS-Details That Can Help You To Understand

Numerous reasons are there which can lead to problems with fertility, particularly in older people. But that doesn't mean that there is no hope left for such people as there is some advancement like in vitro fertilization (IVF) that can be helpful in overcoming different types of issues regarding infertility.

Embryo Transfer-Things To Know About It

A process that is considered as the simplest and final step of the IVF the process is known as embryo transfer. At the time of in-vitro fertilization, fertility medications are applied to stimulate the ovaries into releasing healthy eggs. These eggs get removed from a woman's ovaries and proceed towards fertilization in the lab. Once the eggs which have been fertilized get multiplied, the embryos are transferred to the uterus of a woman. Many organizations provide different types of embryo transfer like fresh embryo transfer, frozen embryo transfer, blastocyst embryo transfer and assisted hatching.

Unexplained Infertility-Ways To Get Rid Of It

Unexplained infertility is a condition refers to a diagnosis made in those couple whose standard investigations along with tests of ovulation, semen analysis, and tubal patency are supposed to be normal. Unexplained fertility has been suggested as sustainable because conditions like tubal infertility, endometriosis, immunological infertility, and premature ovarian ageing tend to be misdiagnosed as unexplained infertility.

Recurrent Miscarriages and Fertility Treatment Options: Indira IVF

Recurrent Miscarriage Treatment can involve a range of options including careful monitoring and, surgery, hormone therapy, antibiotics and the use of procedures such as IVF. Appropriate treatment has proved to be both safe and effective for most couples. for more information about us visit here.

Thyroid And Pregnancy-Things To Know About Their Relation

Pregnancy can be a delightful time for a woman as she supposes to have a baby after some period of time. But what if she gets caught by a thyroid disease! This can prove to be a hard time for her as diseases of thyroid like hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are relatively common at the time of pregnancy and it becomes crucial to treat such conditions.

Recurrent Miscarriage-A Dreadful Experience For Women

Miscarriage does not sound good when it comes to any women. She struggles hard for a matter of particular months and gets unable to have a baby. But when it comes to one after another miscarriage, it can be a traumatic experience for her. A thought comes into the mind of a couple that there can be chances of another loss before the pregnancy has begun. Though any upcoming pregnancies will be hoping there will be a high level of anxiety. Recurrent miscarriage can be understood as two or more impulsive pregnancy losses.

Male Infertility-A Problem In Conceiving The Child – Indira IVF Group

Male Infertility-A Problem In Conceiving The Child: Being a parent of a child is simply one of the greatest experiences for a couple. But sometimes there can be difficulties in conceiving a child. Different factors are linked to infertility and not only women, but even the male candidate can also be responsible for such problems.