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Updated by iLabot Technologies on Mar 04, 2019
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Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer in India

iLabot is newly established laboratory equipment brand in the Indian market. Under this brand name, we make and supply various laboratory and scientific equipment used in universities & academic areas, food laboratories, pharma and biotech laboratories, research centres and other fields – prices are reasonable and performance is unmatched.

Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers Suppliers Delhi India - iLABOT

We are ISO and CE certified laboratory equipment manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi, over 25 years of making science lab equipment, microbiology equipment and various scientific instruments at wholesale price in India.Website

Double Door Autoclave Manufacturers Suppliers India

iLabot is a leading manufacturer of double door autoclaves in India. We make these autoclaves in different sizes to meet diverse needs of our clients. We have installed over 50 double door autoclave machines throughout India in various organizations and each client appreciates our technology and performance.More Details

Horizontal Autoclave Manufactures Suppliers India

iLabot brings to you wide range of horizontal autoclaves for hospitals, laboratory research and waste decontamination etc. Our horizontal autoclaves are constructed in both cylindrical and rectangular designs. Each unit is made to match national and internal sterilization standards and feature easy operation, rugged construction and safe working throughout long years.Details

Vertical Autoclave Manufacturers Suppliers India

iLabot brings to you wide range of vertical autoclaves that are available in 22 liters, 35 liters, 70 liters and 152 liters; material is put from top side by opening lid. These units are extensively used in hospitals and biotechnology laboratories. A vertical autoclave is manufactured in three different designs Economy model, Deluxe Model and Triple Walled. The difference between these models explained below:More Details

Dynamic Pass Box Static Pass Box Manufacturers India

Pass Box is an equipment which is used to transfer material from one room to controlled environment without actual personal movement. It minimized chances of contamination and widely used in microbiological safety and many laboratory applications. A pass box is designed in two configurations such as Static pass box and Dynamic pass box and both of them are equipped with electromagnetic interlocking and glass window doors. Usually they are made of stainless steel 304.Details

Tempeature Humidity Test Chamber Manufacturers Suppliers India

We are manufacturers of Tempeature and Humidity Test Chamber in India, designed for testing material heat, cold, dry resistance, humidity resistance.Suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, Communications, instrumentation, vehicles, plastic products, metal, food, chemical,building materials, medical, aerospaceand other products.Details

Thermal Shock Chabmer Manufacturers Suppliers India

Thermal Shock Test Chamber,Thermal Chamber,Thermal Shock Chamber for High-Low Temperature Rapid Change Test used to test the material structure or composite material in an instant by the extremely high temperatures and very low temperature continuous environment which can endure the degree of order in the shortest possible time to test its thermal expansion and contraction caused by chemical changes physical harm. The applicable the object material, including metals, plastics, rubber, electronic, etc., can be used as the basis of its product improvement of reference.Website

BOD Incubator | Biological Oxygen Demand Incubator Manufacturers Suppliers India

iLabot brings to you BOD Incubators that are made with high efficiency refrigeration system and imported temperature controller for excellent working performance. These incubators are also known as Biological Oxygen Demand Incubators and are widely used in research laboratories. iLabot brand BOD incubator machines are available in various sizes and capacities at very reasonable price in India.Visit source

CO2 Incubator | Cell Culture Incubator Manufacturers Suppliers India

CO2 Incubator is used for cell, tissue and bacterial cultivation and in high demand in various sectors such as oncology, immunology, genetics and biological engineering etc. These incubators are equipped with IR sensor, CO2 injection system and a temperature controller to maintain the environment inside the chamber.Visit website

CO2 incubator manufacturer in India

iLabot Technologies is a leading CO2 incubator manufacturer in India. Our CO2 incubators are used by hospitals, universities, test labs and research organizations.
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Horizontal Autoclave Manufacturers in India

iLabot Technologies is a 2nd generation manufacturer and supplier of horizontal autoclaves in India. Based out of New Delhi, they have a stronghold in North India and has been manufacturing made to order autoclaves for pharma.
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Thermal Shock Test Chamber uses

Thermal shock chambers are used to produce test results pertaining to a material’s capability to withstand the different level of climate/environmental changes between high and low-temperature changes within a short span of time.

How to use a Vertical Autoclave.

We are an autoclave manufacturer in India. Having said that, we are not just limited to vertical autoclaves, we manufacture and supply horizontal autoclaves, double door autoclaves, dental autoclaves and portable autoclaves.

Vertical Autoclave Purging System by Ilabot Technologies

Vertical Autoclave purging system made by ilabot technologies. Autoclaves help in determining the quality and performance of test products which once tested here