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Mobile App Development

Acquaint SoftTech is a renowned mobile app development company and our vast portfolio proves it. Our Top-notch mobile app development services are just up to the mark, i.e. Custom app development, E-commerce development, iOS/Android development and so on.


Web Development : Mobile App Development Company India, UK

Web Development : Mobile App Development Company India, UK

Acquaint SoftTech is #1 top web and mobile app development company based in India, UK, delivering Android, iOS, iPhone application development services in USA, Canada, Australia, and many other countries.


Android Q : Expected Features & Rumours About Latest Android Version

Android Q : Expected Features & Rumours About Latest Android Version

Latest Android version Q beta version launched, how to download Android 10, full name, release date, features, logo, rumours, an effect on Android app development company, Foldable phones supported.


4 Must Follow Tactics For Profitable Mobile App

4 Must Follow Tactics For Profitable Mobile App

Step by step guide to top app store ranking in just one day, get maximum ROI from the mobile app, learn the secrets of mobile application development services, increase app downloads hack.


Customer Relationship Management For Every Mobile App Development Company

Customer Relationship Management For Every Mobile App Development Company

Every mobile app development company India should concern about customer relationship management to build trust and transparency, step by step guide for customer-centric approach.


Reason Why Enterprise Application Is Must For Your Business

Reason Why Enterprise Application Is Must For Your Business

Learn how Enterprise mobility solution help your business, reason for choosing enterprise mobility services to minimize business task, organize your business with the application, Task management panel.


Mobile Apps: Top 3 Sign Indicates Your Business Need A Mobile App

Mobile Apps: Top 3 Sign Indicates Your Business Need A Mobile App

Why business needs mobile app, differences between websites and mobile apps, mobile application development company USA for best mobile application, USP for business, startups.


4 Ways To Write Clean And Better Codes For Android Application

4 Ways To Write Clean And Better Codes For Android Application

How to develop android app clean and better code by Android application development company India, USA, UK. Learn New things for Android architecture patterns, design, Kotlin Clean Code Principles, Android studio.

3 Hidden Benefits Of React Native As Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform app development is trending in developers community, it saves development time, offers a futuristic approach and many more advantage of delivering the same output. React Native is a perfect example of cross platform app development, it is most used by developers and gained popularity by its astounding features. The advantage of using React Native is code once and use it for any operating system. If a developer wants to develop an Android application and code for it, then the same code can be used in developing an iOS application.

Difference Between ReactJs And React Native
It’s a burning question for every newbie developer that what is the difference between ReactJS and React Native? It’s always confusing because of their same names. Actually, React Native is a framework used for developing a web application, it used ReactJS for the component purpose. On the contrary, ReactJS is a JavaScript library and used in creating UI for web applications. React Native use animated API’s but ReactJS use CSS component. RN compatible with all platform and it requires some platform-specific code, on the other hand, React.js requires a one-time code to develop and it can be used everywhere in the program.

Top Secret Tricks & Tips for Every iPhone Lover : iPhone Application Development Company USA

iPhone hacks and tips are something that almost every iPhone lover should want to know. Apple keeps exploring next-gen technology with its tech-related product and most on the iPhone. Every iPhone comes with futuristic design, attractive features and top quality materials. Apple iPhone users always searching the tips and tricks that can make their smartphone more useful. There are multiple third-party apps available that easily compatible with the iPhone and make usability easier with using JailBreaking hacks. Every iPhone users and iPhone application development company USA always have eagles eyes on the Apple latest news and iPhone upcoming model. Some features are unique and few are just common in all smartphones. In this particular post, we are revealing the top 10 secret tricks and tips for every iPhone lover that you must know.

Apple Set To Launch it’s First 5G iPhone In 2020!
It’s not an official statement of Apple but some top analyst addressed this news after the settlement between Apple and Qualcomm. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple fixes the settlement with Qualcomm over licencing and chip patents. So have to use chipsets from Qualcomm. The part will be used in the upcoming iPhone that develops by Qualcomm and Samsung. By using Qualcomm chipsets, it’s very clear that Apple is all set for it’s 5G iPhone in 2020. There is also a possibility of an antenna and thicker PCB to enlarging the battery size.

Top 10 Secret Tips And Tricks For iPhone That You Don’t Know
1. Magnifying Feature
2. Quick & Easy Search
3. Auto DND While Driving
4. Educate Siri
5. Separate Tune For Individual
6. Search Photos With Ease
7. Find AirPods In A Cool Way
8. Measure App
9. Prevent App
10. Low Power Mode

Top 10 Best iOS App Development Company USA

Top 10 Reputed iOS App Development Company USA

As we mentioned earlier, there are multiple parameters to become the best iOS application development company and at Acquaint SoftTech, we are developing beyond expectation. Our team always revere to the client's ideology and suggestion, to meets the expectation. Our dedicated iOS developers always ready to formulate a dream idea into a masterpiece application in term of iOS app development services. Here we are sharing some of the top 10 Reputed iPhone app development companies.

Top 15+ Android App Development Companies USA

Want to hire Android app development company? Here are Top 15+ best Android application development company USA. Must read article on how to choose best mobile app development company for your dream project with portfolio review.

AI ChatBots • What Are Chatbots • How Does It Work

What is ChatBots and AI? How to build AI chatbots? List of the top brand which uses AI chatbots, and personal assistant like Siri, Alexa. Free ChatBot builders for WordPress, the difference between ChatBots and Virtual Assistant.

Latest Instagram Update: How To Create an App Like Instagram

Instagram latest update comes in the last month of April and this update is all about the Ads and brand marketing with Instagram. Now businesses can advertise their services and products with the most interesting and engaging way, that is the Insta story feature. Instagram story feature holds the highest percentage engagement of approx 70% and April update allow any advertiser to place their ads in the story. This feature can boom the conversion rate and engagement for any brand that’s why many businesses prioritize Instagram in their marketing tactics. There are many features that are rapidly encouraging many people to make an application like Instagram but they stuck to find the right way. To dive into the depth of the query, we are revealing Instagram latest update & also explain how to create an app like Instagram.

What Is Google Express, App Review, Rebrand As Google Shopping!

Google recently introduced the brand new Google Express platform for online shopping. As every Google product have some uniqueness with simplicity and Google also retain the same feature with the Google Express. Google provides the easy to use User Interface in its website and application. Users loved the UI/UX design of the Google Express App just because it caters easy to use and less complexion. Basically, Google Express is a mediator or we can say delivery services provider where users can shop from top brand like Target, Costco, Walmart, PetSmart, and so on. Users can shop through the Google Express App or official website.