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Updated by Acquaint Softtech Private Limited on Apr 28, 2024
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Web Development

Acquaint SoftTech is a leading web application development company with vast expertise in Mean Stack, CMS development, AngularJS development and so on. Being a renowned brand in web development, we always ahead of the curve to develop next-gen applications. Our ultimate aim is to focus on customer-centric development.


Acquaint SoftTech Website and Mobile App Development Technologies

Acquaint SoftTech Website and Mobile App Development Technologies

Best Website and Mobile App Development Company, UK working with latest technologies Mean Stack, Angular Js, React JS, Cake PHP, Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native, Magento, WordPress, Slim, Laravel, Codeigniter, Joomla, Drupal and more.


Why Google Going To Shutting Down Google Plus

Why Google Going To Shutting Down Google Plus

Reason behind why google going to shutting down google plus, how to delete google+ account, Gmail and Android data is secure or not, date of shutting down google plus.


Laravel Development Services : Best Laravel Development Company USA

Laravel Development Services : Best Laravel Development Company USA

Acquaint SoftTech is a best Laravel Development Company which offers top-notch website development services in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and World Wide.


What is Landing Page & How Does It Work : Acquaint SoftTech

What is Landing Page & How Does It Work : Acquaint SoftTech

A Landing page can increase business sales, it contains appealing copywriting and better user interface. Many mobile app development company claim for the best web development services and dedicated developer team but we know that all road leads to Rome, everyone is equal but their customer-centric approach makes a difference. In this post, We are going to reveal some tactics about better use of landing page.

6 Killer E-commerce Strategies To Increase Business Sale

Let glorify ecommerce sales with the best use of the latest marketing tips Image search, product video, attractive UI, and M-commerce. Develop a brand website with the best Ecommerce development company.

5 Best Ecommerce Framework For E-store Development 2019

Top five Ecommerce framework for e-store development, #4 framework will shock you, Tips and example how popular Ecommerce development company use copy writing, easy checkout & profitable E-store.

PWA : How To Convert Your Wordpress Website Into Progressive Web App

How progressive web app development company help in PWA design, best free Wordpress plugins for PWA, limitation and need of progressive web app, convert Wordpress website into PWA app.


7 Reason For Hire WordPress Development Company

7 Reason For Hire WordPress Development Company

Top reason for Why WordPress website development company UK, India, Tips for responsive web design, Brand design services, Free WordPress plugins, free Theme, need for custom web development.

Drupal Commerce vs Magento: Which One Is Best For Ecommerce Development

Comparison of CMS between Drupal and Magento, CMS development company, India, with Drupal development services, Latest version Drupal 8 and Magento 2 specification, best Ecommerce framework.


The Real Difference between website and web application

The Real Difference between website and web application

Real difference between website and web application, what is website and web apps, types of web application and website, how to choose web development services USA with ease, WP Plugins.

25 Latest PHP Tools That Helps You In Web Development 2019 - Blog

PHP development for your website can be much easier with complimentary tools. Here are the 25 latest PHP tools that will help in web development.

Discover the 7 common web design pitfalls and their quick fixes! Avoid cluttered layouts, optimize load times, embrace responsive design, enhance navigation, choose readable fonts, prioritize mobile-friendliness, and ensure cross-browser compatibility. Elevate your website with these expert tips!

Top 10 Tips For Developing A Website That Engages Your Visitors

Are you planning to create a website? Want to develop an effective and attractive website? If you are also looking to make a profitable business website, then your mouse roaming in the right direction. It’s very tough to survive in the cut-throat competition and sustain at the desired place or reach closer to the expectation. In this post, we are going to reveal the top 10 tips about how to create a website for your business.

Responsive Web Design: Must Read Before Creating A Business Website

What is responsive vs adaptive web design? Responsive design checker with responsive web design services, Check How Responsive Design Improve Google Search Ranking. Hire web design company for your dream project.

Explore the QTP vs. Selenium debate with key differences unravelled! Discover why Selenium's open-source flexibility stands out, while QTP offers seamless integration with HP tools. Make an informed choice for efficient test automation.

Cheers! Effective But Creative Web Designs Live Forever

Best tool for a web designer is creativity. Keep the focus on updating website design with the latest trends & Most Common Web Design Mistakes.

Right Way To Hire MEAN Stack Development Company - Acquaint Softtech

As we all know, web apps are making a buzz on the Internet because of its functionality. Web apps seem like native apps and work on browsers. It offers fast development and reduces the overall development cost. The best way to the curate web app is MEAN stack development. Thus, in this article, we are addressing the latest tools, popular companies that use MEAN stack, development tips. Above all, we discuss the right way to hire the** MEAN stack development company** with some catchy examples and tips. Hope this tiny article could help your reader.

Best of 2019 Most Popular Web Development Tools - Renowned Web and Mobile App Development Company USA

Being a leading web development company, we are very much acquainted about the latest web development tools of 2019. There are many advantages to using web development tools for crafting futuristic websites. To always ahead of the curve, one must use the tools that are latest, best, and robust.

Latest MEAN Stack Tools For Mean Stack Development Services USA

Most popular 2019 MEAN stack development tools by leading MEAN stack development company USA, Pros and cons of using MEAN stack development services, How to use Chai, WebStrome tools.

Building a Multi-Vendor Marketplace: A Comprehensive Guide

This blog is about creating a thriving multi-vendor marketplace. Discover essential steps, from defining your niche to selecting the right platform. Learn how to attract top talent and elevate your project by leveraging remote developers. Need expert guidance? Explore the benefits of hiring remote developers for a seamless marketplace development experience.

Software Development Outsourcing: A Complete Series - Part 1

Explore Part 1 of the comprehensive series on Software Development Outsourcing. Dive into the definition and evolution of outsourcing practices, uncovering its advantages and drawbacks. Gain insights into the strategic implications of partnering with an Outsourcing Software Development Company and leveraging remote teams.

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Software Development Outsourcing #2: Types and Models

Delve into Part 2 of the Software Development Outsourcing series, exploring the 3 types of outsourcing and the ideal model for your business needs. Gain insights into selecting the right outsourcing partner and leveraging remote teams for project success. Discover the strategic advantages of partnering with an Outsourcing Software Development Company and hiring remote developers.

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Software Development Outsourcing #5: Managing Development Projects

Explore Part 5 of the Software Development Outsourcing series, focusing on managing development projects effectively. Discover strategies for building effective communication channels and reducing cultural differences. Learn how to leverage Agile methodologies and remote teams for streamlined project management. Gain insights into the importance of quality checks throughout the development process.

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Virtual classroom software development for more effective learning

This blog is about developing virtual classroom software for seamless online teaching. Explore key steps, from conceptualization to execution, ensuring an engaging virtual learning experience. Discover the significance of hiring remote developers to craft a tailored solution. Learn how to navigate the process and why hiring developers is crucial for success. Stay informed on the latest trends shaping the future of virtual education.

Top 10 IT Staff Augmentation Companies in India

Discover the top 10 IT Staff Augmentation Companies in India, offering skilled resources for diverse tech needs. Explore insights into their expertise, services, and industry reputation. Learn how these companies contribute to project success, especially in collaboration with an Outsourcing Software Development Company.

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