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RSD Bikes

I write about RSD Bikes in Toronto.

Why You Might Want To Try A Fat Bike : Conscious Life News

Fat bikes are also known as fat-tire bikes, named for their design that allows the vehicle to withstand low ground pressure.

How to Prepare For Mountain Biking In Toronto - ITinformers

If you’re in the Toronto area and want to start mountain biking, you’ve got a variety of trails to choose from. You can bike in the city so you can look at some of the landmarks in the city and even people-watch while you get a great workout in. Or, you can visit the mountainous areas of the city’s outskirts so you can look at the colorful trees and flowers or ride past hills and ridges. Once you get more accustomed to mountain biking, you may want to take on the challenging trails that the countryside has to offer.

Where to Find The Best Mountain Bike Terrain In The City of Toronto

If you’re in the Toronto area on vacation or live in the city and want to start mountain biking, you’re in luck. There are several areas that are designed for mountain biking. These sites also have great scenery, which helps you enjoy your ride even more. Mountain biking can serve as both light or intense exercise depending on your fitness goals, and these areas provide just the right environment for your mountain biking adventure.

Beginners Mountain Bike Trails In and Around Toronto – Eight 7 Teen

Residents and visitors to Toronto will find themselves spoilt for choice in locations in and around the city for mountain biking. But it’s not just the number of handily located bike trails that makes Toronto such a great place for mountain biking. It’s that there are trails for everyone from family oriented rides to challenging technical trails. Indeed for the family or the beginner who are just interested in a pleasant outdoor pursuit that is not overly taxing Toronto has several easy trails within the city itself.

Getting Started Mountain Biking in Toronto – Make It Magic

Living in Toronto or the surrounding area gives you a plethora a choices for taking up a new outdoor hobby whether that be hiking, horseback riding or quad biking. However a very popular and relatively cheap alternative is to join the thousands of recreational and weekend mountain bikers taking advantage of Toronto’s favourable terrain.

Where to go for Mountain Bikes and Accessories in Toronto - News ch

Mountain biking is very popular in and around the Toronto because of the abundance of trails within the city or in the close vicinity. To meet the demand for mountain bikes and the accessories many specialist stores have sprung up to cater for the enthusiast and also the beginner wanting to take up mountain biking as a new hobby.

Mountain Biking Clubs in the Toronto Area - Youth Practices

If you are new to Toronto or to the mountain biking scene you may want to hook up with other enthusiasts and there is no better way to do this than to join up with a local club. There are many clubs in the Toronto area so it is really more a case of finding one that matches your interest. After all, at one end of thespectrum there are hardcore, competition based associations, with expert level members that are serious about the sport. At the other end of the spectrum, there are others that are more akin to social clubs revolving around a casual recreational ride out at the weekend. In between lies a mixture of the two, for in Toronto, Ontario there are many bicycle riding clubs so you should be able to find one that to suits your style of riding, whether that be pleasure cruising or racing.

Beating the Weather – Mountain Bike Indoors in Toronto – Glovue – Blog For Information

For mountain bike enthusiasts who are residents in Toronto or the surrounding area they can beat the winter blues at the indoor bike track – Joyride 150. Located just outside of Toronto in Markham Joyride 150 is 90,000 sqft of MTB fun. The main feature is the twisting XC (cross country) loop that winds its way through the arena. The trail, which is challenging enough to give you a good winter work-out, consists of a number of wooden skinnies – these are narrow winding and twisting wooden tracks suspended like bridges, which are designed to test even the most experienced rider. There are also some rock gardens – pleasant enough sounding but nasty and bruising for those that take them too lightly, and log crossings that test your balance, so it is as difficult as you want to make it. It’s certainly good enough to challenge most rider’s skills. However if you are into jumping, there is also a jump area with a number of progressive jumps that take you from beginner up to expert level. Weather permitting there is also an outdoor dirt jump areaand back indoors a foam pit to safely try out those new skills. Apart from mountain biking there are the BMX style ramps and intriguing street scenes were you will see riders performing some amazing tricks and of course there is the ubiquitous vert ramp.

Before You Buy A Mountain Bike: A Guide - South Florida Reporter

According to recent studies, mountain biking is a very popular activity in the U.S., with nearly 40 million+ participants, annually.

Simple Tricks to Boost Your Mountain Bike’s Performance - Auto Pilot Sender

Professional cyclists make cycling seem effortless. The way they move the pedals with so much gusto and fly in the air like they were born riding can intimidate any rider newbie in a matter of seconds.  Obviously, apart from years of training, these pros have incredible machines at their arsenal. Since they love the sport, they are not afraid to make the cash splash as long as they get the best that life has to offer in biking.

Everything You Need to Know about Mountain Bike’s Pedal Efficiency – Gioia Auto Body

Mountain bikes might have been created a few decades ago but they have changed the face of cycling in a remarkable way. Since its inception, the mountain bike (MTB) has undergone constant metamorphoses with the end result being a masterpiece enjoyed by hobbyists and professional racers alike.

5 Steps To Prep Your Fat Bicycle Before A Biking Adventure | Rp Auto Hits

A biking adventure is supposed to be a thrilling experience full of beautiful sights, fresh air and memorable times. For many riders, however, their quest for adventure is abruptly cut off when their bikes develop malfunctions. You may be an ordinary adventurer far from a pro rider, but this is no excuse to neglect your bike before you’re set for a long distance riding escapade.

The Best Mountain Bike Gear Ratio for Climbing and Descending Explained – Monotukuru – Go on to touch the way

Mountain bike technology has come a long way since its invention in the late 1980s. Most importantly, the mountain bike gear system has seen significant advancement over the recent years and has influenced the way people ride bikes and the type of bikes being introduced in the market. Conventionally, the human muscles can sustain a cadence (speed of pedaling) of 60 to 110 crank RPM (revolutions per minute). So, changing gears allows you to maintain appropriate speeds in different terrains. Here is a quick guide on the recommended descending and ascending gear ratios for bikes.

Are Those Fat bikes And Mountain Bikes At Local Bicycle Stores Confusing? - Tasteful Space

Most people out there only think of a bike as something to hop on and drive to the store or go to the park with. So, it is understandable that seeing some of the different bikes at bike stores can be a little confusing. For a person looking for a new bike, choosing one that fits their needs is important and they don’t want to end up with a bicycle that they can’t really use. So, here we will look at two of the bikes that people see around bicycle stores, but aren’t aware of exactly what they’re used for.

Extend Your Riding Opportunities with a Fat Bike : Motorcycling 2019/2020

Fat bikes traditionally utilize wheels that are 26 to 27.5-inches. People that use larger wheels like to roll faster, making it simple to tackle obstacles

Fat Bikes 101: Revolutionizing Riding Year-Round - Stackward

For those living in colder climates, putting away your beloved bike for the season can be difficult. The summer months pass far too quickly. Now, imagine a bike that can handle icy trails, frozen fields, and gnarled ravines without the dangers of slipping or breaking apart. Thanks to innovations in modern technology, a bike such as this does exist. These days, instead of 5-month season, a 12-month season is a real possibility. Fat bikes are the newest trend in on-road and off-road adventuring all over North America and Europe.

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