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Employcoder - Software Development Services

Hire dedicated development team and hire offshore developers from Employcoder with great expertise in application development that meets your business needs. Setup the Offshore Development Center (ODC) in India and save up to 50% of your development cost.


Hire Dedicated Development Team | Hire Offshore Developers | Hire Dedicated Resources |

Hire dedicated software developers and resources team of Employcoder. Setup Offshore Development Center (ODC) and save upto 50% of your development cost.

Hire Dedicated Offshore Development Center (ODC) India |

Setup your offshore development center (ODC) in India for higher productivity at a lower operational cost. Hire dedicated offshore development team from

Are you Looking for a custom clothing tailoring software?

Are you a Tailoring Store?

Struggling to generate Sales for your Business?

Today Everything is available online, It’s no secret how online shopping sites have increased the demand for readymade stylish clothing.

So why should your Tailoring store left behind? It all adds up to business growth on online to get more success in your region.

When done right, You can improve your sales and revenue attract the right leads to you like magic.

Start an online custom tailoring website with advanced features and intuitive interface. Employcoder offers a well-designed package of Custom Tailoring Software making it easy for young entrepreneurs to help you generate more leads, fulfill new generation customers, close deals faster, and sell service, and market smarter.

Our Custom Tailoring Software Services

Web and Mobile Application
Responsive Design
clothes in 360-degree rotational view
Custom Clothing Ecommerce Store
Payment Gateway Integration
Start your Online Custom Tailoring and Clothing Store with Employcoder

Tell us your requirements and Get your project going today

Why Enterprises Should Adopt DevOps

DevOps is the modern way of delivering applications faster and high quality to meet the needs of the business. It is the process where development, operations, and quality assurance teams work unified to continuously deliver the product. This makes way for working that offers faster development without reducing quality and security. Here are some benefits…

Tired of fixing UI/UX bugs?

Does fixing your UI/UX design bugs takes a lot of time rather than developing it? Tired of fixing your bugs. Instead of looking for reasons why it is not working, Hire an experienced team of UI/UX designers to fix your bugs. Offering something more, beyond expectations delights the end users. A delighted user is better…

Hire PHP Developer for a stunning website

PHP web development becomes the top choice to build a website for any kind of businesses as it offers a high level of flexibility, reliability, and security. But to develop a robust, feature-rich and reliable PHP website you also need a dedicated and professional developer who has vast experience in building PHP websites. Looking to Hire an experienced PHP developer,…

How to build a high-speed mobile application

Nowadays technology is moving at a fast rate and people don’t have any patience to wait, you’ve got to make your app fast to ensure you retain your users. It’s true that a majority of end users can’t wait to get a response from a mobile app. The ideal loading time for a mobile app is about two seconds. Therefore, the first…

Make Banking Delight with Smart Mobile Banking App

Like every other industry, digitization has led a major transformation in the banking sector, making it possible for banks to offer innovative services at a lower cost to the customer. Smart Mobile Banking App Why? Because it is more than just an interface, another window to customers. Indeed mobile banking has the potential to change the future of banking itself.…

Employcoder -Hire Offshore Development Center

As the demand for mobile apps kept increasing the cost of building a mobile app also kept increasing in a parallel space. Now every business who looks to develop a mobile is now aiming to build an app well within their budget
The controversy, however, is that some say good apps cost a lot of money, while a cheap app is bound for failure. But the truth is
It is possible to develop a good mobile app within a small budget.
Here we like to show how you can minimize your budget

How This Startup is Making Mobile App Development Easier

As in 2019, it's no surprise that everyone's working on an app. However, businesses looking to cash in mobile apps, but Successfully developing an app is challenging enough for businesses. Now there’s Employcoder, which makes building an app easier than ever. Cost of an app is becoming more costlier than developing a website. From finding the right developers, the technology…

How to start an Ecommerce Business Website?

There is no bigger challenge than building an ecommerce business website from the scratch and watching it grow successfully in this competitive online marketplace. Now ecommerce is  ruling online buisness industry, So there’s never been a better time to start an eCommerce business website then now. If you’re thinking about starting an eCommerce website follow these simple steps and you can rule the online business…

Tips to Build a Bug-Free Mobile Application!

Creating a unique mobile application that stands out from the competition is certainly necessary for engaging users and generating profit.

The Idea to create out-of-the-box user experiences in order to differentiate from other apps is great,

But the question is? Whether your app is Bug-Free

Despite a fast-growing mobile market, the level of Bugs is disappointing.

Let’s consider some tips to help you build a bug-free mobile application

Crystal Clear Testing

Performing testing ensures that you’re putting out the Bug-Free mobile Application. Testing done throughout the development process prevents major issues from coming up at the end of the project completion and ensures that you stay on track to release on time.

Enhancing Security

Security is of utmost concern to keep in mind when developing a bug-free mobile app. The app should be secure enough that no hackers could be able to play with the vulnerable or sensitive data.

Perfect Navigation

Every user’s journey through your mobile application should be as streamlined and simple as possible. Using icons that clearly signify their purpose model ensures that the product is easy-to-use and helps to increase users.

Keep it Updated

Ever after you release your app, you will have to constantly keep it updated and check in. That’s how Bug-Free apps are built.

Now go forth and build that app! If you still find yourself feeling lost at any point along the way,

At Employcoder, an expert mobile app development company creating cutting edge apps to solve everyday problems. we would love the opportunity to help you turn your shower thought into a successful business.

With a team of over 250+ dedicated developers, designers, and creative engineers, we help you turn your idea into apps, solve problems and make your app a masterpiece.

Interested in developing a next level mobile app?

Tell us your requirements and Get your project going today

Famous your Business by Owning a Cashback Website!

looking to start a Website like cashkaro, topcashback, paytm and want to enter into a Billion Dollar Industry

Well, Now you entered into the perfect place…!

In the past few years, the cashback industries have taken a ride and have come to become the need of each & every hour.

So Make a milestone in the Online Industry by owning an advanced Cashback Website. Yes..! This is a wonderful opportunity to beat the changing trends and technologies to stay alive long in this online business marketplace.

Employcoder is the right place to develop your cashback business website & earn more profits to your cashback website. Also, we cater the existing Cashback website into revamping a new cashback business model.

Our Affiliate Cashback Website Development Solutions

AffiliateAPI network listing
Online Coupons & deals listing
Charity donation based Cashback system.
PricingComparison solutions.
Payment Gateway Solutions.
Our team is specialized in developing Affiliate cashback scripts for web and mobile applications. We also developed cashback mobile applications in both technologies android and ios.

We ensure to provide you the seamless and speedy service every time you visit us.

Are you looking for coupon and cashback website development?

Wish to know detailed pricing and the features? Get Free Demo…>

3 Simple Ways to Own your mobile Application!

Doesn’t have mobile application till now?

But after reading this blog you will clearly have an idea of building your mobile Application.

It’s important to be clear about your objectives from the start and strategize around them. Here are three simple ways to own your Mobile application

One of the first choices you need to make is which platform to go for. Together, iOS and Android now represent a staggering 95% of the mobile operating system market share.

The takeaway is simple: go for the platform that’s most popular in your key markets and based on your targeted audience. This way your product will have more opportunity to spread and succeed.

As the online industry is growing at a faster rate, new technologies are ruling the market such as Blockchain, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented, and Virtual reality.

Every technology comes up with their own set of advantages which makes mobile apps more secure and fast. So instead of relying on old technologies make use of these latest technologies in your app.

If you are a Technical guy then you don’t need the help of a separate team. But for those who don’t know how to code but have an app idea, you could delegate this task to an external development team who can develop an app with the use of above-said technologies.

We at Employcoder can build a mobile application with the use of all these latest technologies based on your requirements.

Employcoder is a leading mobile app development company having years of experience in building various mobile applications & solutions for clients all over the world. They had taken many business services to the next level with their Mobile Application Development team.

Looking to Develop a Mobile Application?

Tell us your requirements and Get a Free Consultation…

Cloud Computing: How Enterprises can Make Use of It.

Cloud Computing is the distribution of computing services such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence and more over the internet to provide faster performance, productivity, innovation, and flexible resources. In Cloud computing, you just are going to pay for cloud services you use which will reduce your operating costs and also helps to…

Top JavaScript Frameworks in 2019

JavaScript has become a popular programming language among the developers over recent years. Here are the Top JavaScript Frameworks in 2019.

Reasons Why Node.js is the Best Choice to Build Web Applications.

Let's have a brief look at what is node.js and Reasons to choose node.js to build a web application. At Employcoder we specialize in offering a wide range of Node.js Development services.

Reasons to Choose React Native for Mobile App Development

Let’s look brief about what is React Native and What makes React Native better for mobile app Development.

How to become a Full Stack Developer in 2019?

If you want to become a Full-Stack Web Developer in 2019, here is a guide with a list of things you should learn.

Reasons to Choose Python in 2019

Python is one of the most prominent and rapidly growing programming languages around the globe now. Here Explore brief about why Python is so popular and reasons to choose python for your next project.

Why Hire Dedicated Development Team for your Project?

Explore what is Dedicated Development Team model, Benefits of Hiring dedicated development team for your project and how Dedicated Development Team Model Works

What’s New in React Native 0.60?

React Native Core team has announced the release of React Native version 0.60. Here we have look at the new features in React Native 0.60

Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2019

Here we have listed the Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks to build your mobile application.

Website at

If you are looking to Hire a Web Developer, This guide will help to find
the right Web Developer to build your Web Application.

How to Hire Developers for Startups?

In this blog, we will bring you the step by step process to Hire Developers that will be a profitable extension to your team and also helps to streamline your startups.