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Updated by vidhi makwana on Mar 08, 2019
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Top tips to getting your first 1000 Instagram followers

How do you attract followers to your Instagram account instead of _chasing _them, especially when you have less than 1000 followers?

And how do you retain them?

Here's a list of ways to increase your Instagram followers when you have less than 1000 followers on your account. You know that the first 1000 Instagram followers are the hardest, right? Let's get them NOW.

Feel free to vote on your favorite tip and add any of your own tips :)


Write an effective Instagram Bio - by upgrading it to CLIENT MAGNET

Your bio is the first thing that your audience views when they visit your profile.

This is what your bio should include: who are you, what is this account about and who is it for, and a CTA to compel them to take action, probably to follow you. If you tell them to follow you, you better put down a reason about why they should follow you, okay?

Here's a link to writing a kickass Instagram bio. (This will open in a new tab, so you don’t lose your place on this post).

Holding giveaways sure helps you get more followers super fast, but many don't know how to retain those followers once the giveaway is over.

Do an Instagram ad campaign

An Instagram ad campaign designed to draw followers to your account has the potential to gain active, real engaging followers to your account. Ready to run your first Instagram ad campaign? We cover the basic steps to get you started and run your first ad on Instagram!


Use Geotags more often

Geotags are great to expand your reach around a local area. And Geotags have been proved to provide better reach and engagement.

Geotags are geographical tags. When you tag a location on your posts, those are called geotags.

If you know where your audience hangs out, tagging that location might bring in more followers to your Instagram. It makes your Instagram journey to getting 1000 followers even easier.

Hashtags are your best friends when you are still growing your Instagram account.

Hashtags bring your content in front of people who don’t follow you. And if you create quality content pieces with every single piece, you WILL start getting more followers.

Using the hashtags that YOUR audience is using will bring your content in front of YOUR potential followers and THAT will bring you more followers. Still with me?

Here's a link to find and use hashtags on Instagram that will bring YOUR potential followers to your account.


Quality over quantity (Share your best work)

Yes, staying consistent is important, but don’t post to just get done with it.

Your posts should bring value to your followers. If it doesn’t, why would someone even follow you? Or engage with your content?

Think about how can you bring value to your followers, how can you help them, and post that on Instagram. This will naturally bring engagement and followers to your Instagram.


Post Consistently

Being consistent is important, especially when you have less than 1000 followers. Make your followers notice you by showing up every day.

Defining your audience is the most crucial step in building an audience. If you don't know who your audience is, how are you gonna know how to attract them, right?


Narrow down your content

Your Instagram account should be based on a clear concept of WHAT is your account about?

If you don't know what are you posting about, people won't know why they should follow you! So, in order for them to follow you, your should specify the content around which your Instagram revolves. Once you HAVE your topic in mind, narrow it down further to attract the perfect audience.

I'm sure you've heard of this: The more narrow your content, the better your audience quality! If you are trying to appeal to everybody, you are actually appealing to nobody.


Invite your friends to follow you

If you have NO ONE follow you, no one else would wanna look at your profile, even if it is awesome. So better, invite your friends to follow you so that you have a good starting number to attract your potential followers.