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How To Hire Dedicated Developers For Your Project And Manage Them Effectively

If you plan to hire dedicated developers from offshore companies, you should know why it is beneficial, what qualities dedicated developers should have, how to interview them and appropriate region to hire. Read this guide to know more.

iOS App Development in 2019: Latest Trends

There are seven latest trends in iOS application development that are supposed to be implemented in 2019. Some functions just need some improvement, but some of them will be completely new.

Steps To Hire JavaScript Developer For Your Project

When you need to create a website, you should think about what specialists you need to hire. First of all, you need to hire JavaScript developer since it is used for website building in most cases. But how and where to find them? What criteria should you consider when you are looking for JS developer? This guide will spell everything out to help you make the right choice.

A Guide on How to Hire JavaScript Developer

Hiring a well-qualified and talented JavaScript developer can be a problem. Experienced developers are quite difficult to find because the demand on web development services is high. Due to this fact, we’ve decided to create a full guide that can help you hire a JavaScript programmer.

Front-End Developers Hiring Guide

The user interface or UI is the first thing your clients see when they visit your website. Considering that people are visual creatures, a well-made UI can involve a bigger target audience. In order to build a high-quality user interface, it’s necessary to hire front-end developers. So, there is a guide that will assist you during the hiring process.

Top 5 Approaches to Financial Software Development

Information technologies have fundamentally changed each sphere of our life, including healthcare, real estate industry, agriculture and, of course, finances. Currently, companies manage their finances in a completely new way, applying tech approaches to secure transactions, speed their processing up and keep up with large-sized companies. That’s why information technologies are not an innovation but rather a necessity when you’re dealing with finances.

In our article, we’re going to review 5 modern approaches to financial software development that can help your company to stay on top of things in any situation.

How to Hire Angular Developers: All You Need to Know

Angular is an important technology for front-end building, so hiring Angular developers requires knowing engineers’ rates, skills, etc. In this article, we are going to discuss everything that you may need during the hiring process.

How to Hire Node.js Developers in 2019: Best Tips, Rates, and Options

Looking for the best Node.js developers for hire? We’ve got everything you need covered! Find out more about roles, skills, Node.js interview questions and much more in our simple guide.

Top Software Development Companies In San Francisco In 2019

The list of software companies in San Francisco can be very long, and when you want to make a choice whom you will work with, it can be a serious challenge. That's why our guide will help you make your decision and choose your company.

A Full Guide On How To Make A Food Ordering Website

It is impossible to immerse in a food ordering business if you don't how to create good and attractive food delivery websites. This article will allow you to figure out all the details regarding website development. Feel free to read it!

A Comprehensive Guide To Build Mobile Wallet App And Make It Highly Secure

To create a mobile wallet, you should know what types of e-wallet are available and which one can be more popular. If you read our detailed guide, you will see how to create a wallet app and add required features.

How To Hire Android App Developer In Australia

Looking for Android developers in Australia? Check our simple guide featuring Android dev roles, rates, and hiring options.

How to Choose Best Tech Stack for Web Development: Best Options and Strategies

The right choice of programming tools is a big part of a product's success. Tech stack does not only bring a website or application to life but also ensures its future maintainability and scalability. Stills, there’s much to consider before making the final choice. In our guide, we’re going to get to the core of the question ‘how to choose the right tech stack’, featuring most popular and easy-to-use technologies.

Custom Accounting Software Development: How To Implement It Wisely

Accounting software solutions can help business people control their financial flows and report how much money they spend or earn. This is where custom accounting software comes in. Custom product will let entrepreneurs make a profit. Read it!

Top 15 E-Commerce Software Development Companies

Looking for the best e-commerce development company can be a tricky thing. It is time-consuming to find a reliable vendor and study reviews, projects, etc. So, we created a list of 15 companies to save your time.

How to Turn Website Visitors Into Your Loyal Customers

People that started their own businesses know that engaged customers bring a bigger share of revenue compared to average ones. No wonder you may want to get more visitors interested and engaged with your website.
Read this article to find out the best ways of engaging old and new customers and making a profit out of it.

The Full Guide to Warehouse Automation: Its Foundations, Means, and Success Stories

Full warehouse automation covers many aspects and operations, from automatic data entry to goods storage and delivery. In this guide, we're explaining the most important parts of the process - automation basics, hardware and software solutions, their advantages, and featuring some real-life cases to check. So if you’re here to find out whether automation is something your company needs – keep reading.

Top 5 Problems Artificial Intelligence Can Solve in Logistics

Role of artificial intelligence in logistics is becoming more crucial. That’s why we’ve decided to consider five major problems AI can solve in this field and show you the examples of companies that already leverage this technology.

11 amazing prototyping tools in 2019: choose the one for your needs | Super Monitoring Blog

In this article, we list the most popular prototyping tools in 2019, divided into free and paid ones.

How to Choose a Technology Stack For Web Applications: Tips To Follow

There are a few popular web development stacks that may help you build a high-quality website, so to choose web dev stacks you need, you should study more about them and keep up with useful tips. Read this guide to know more!

Steps To Interview .NET Developer And Q&A Guide To Keep Up With

Hiring a skilled .NET developer requires an understanding of .NET interview questions and .NET developer skills. This article will help you learn what things to consider, gradation of skills level of .NET devs, and interview questions. Check it out!

How to Build Android App Architecture

We explain the development process of Android applications using Kotlin. Our team describes Android application architecture as well as makes the Android Clean architecture easier to understand.

In-House vs. Outsourcing: Which Software Development Practice to Follow

At the beginning of the project, you usually face the question: which software development team to hire? So, there is a guide with description in-house vs. outsourcing pros and cons along with examples of companies.

How to Make a Real Estate Website: Features, Cost, Tips

We unveiled how to make a successful real estate website. Read practical tips on real estate website creation to become aware of the core functionality and its approximate cost.

Key Benefits of Microservices Architecture Implementation

Monolithic vs microservices? We’ve listed the top advantages of microservices architecture and given tips on how to implement this technology.