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Secondary Math Apps

PCalc Lite - TLA Systems. Ltd.

PCalc Lite is a fully functional scientific calculator. A full version can be purchased which also includes a paper tape, engineering and scientific notation, and hexadecimal, octal, and binary calculations.

iTrig Lite - Vector Nine, LLC

iTrig Lite helps you demonstrate the behavior and relationships of the trigonometric functions: sine, cosine, and tangent.

Calculator Pro - MYW Productions

Calculator Pro is a simple and functional calculator with two modes. Portrait mode is a simple standard calculator. Turn the iPad landscaped for a scientific calculator. Advertising banners appear across the bottom of the calculator in both modes.

Calculator HD - Appcylon LLC

Calculator HD is also a simple calculator and, like the one above, features two modes. Portrait mode is a simple standard calculator. Landscape will show a scientific calculator. To eliminate the advertising banners, upgrade to the $1.99 version.

Math Flyer - Colombiamug

Math Flyer is similar to the function flyer found at Students use “sliders” to alter the values in linear and quadratic equations and observe the effects of their changes to an expression on the graph.

Graphing Calculator Pro

GraphicCalcPro is yet another free scientific calculator.

Geometry Pad - ZonMobile

Geometry Pad can be used to create geometric shapes and then explore and change shape properties.

Geoboard - Clarity Innovations, Inc.

Geoboard can be used by learners to explore topics by stretching bands across pegs to form various shapes. Create line segments and polygons to illustrate concepts like fractions, perimeter, area, angles, congruence and more.

Slice It! - Com2uS Inc.

Slice It! presents geometry slicing challenges in a game format. Presented with different shapes, students progress to increasing difficult challenges as they try to slice shapes into equal sizes.

Video Geometry Tutor - iPREPpress LLC

Win Possible Geometry Tutor features 80 video lectures in 15 major categories covered in the geometry curriculum. The videos are download to the app and don’t rely on streaming from the Internet.

Geometry: Volume of Solids Lite features six computer animated videos that step students through the process for finding the volume of the cube, rectangular solid, cylinder, sphere, cone and pyramid.

Algebra Genie - ZeGenie Inc.

Algebra Genie is an entire Algebra course presented through interactive videos.

Algebra Touch - Regular Berry Software LLC

Algebra Touch uses touch-based techniques so students can drag to rearrange, tap to simplify, and draw lines to eliminate and cancel out terms.

Algebra Explained (Order of Operations)

Algebra Explained series teaches algebra through video lessons, study cards, and practice problems. The LITE version (aka Free version) includes 2 lessons, 2 study card stacks, and 2 sets of practice problems.

Hands-On Equations utilizes a manipulative approach (chess pawns and number cubes) to help students visually understand how to simplify and solve equations. Includes videos and practice exercises for students.

Algebra Champ

Algebra Champ provides practice solving linear equations for grades six through eight in a game-like environment.

Graph - VVI

The Graph application allows users to enter data and create several types of 1D, 2D and 3D graphs from that data.

Quick Graph - Colombiamug

Quick Graph is a graphic calculator. It has a simple interface for entering and editing equations. It will display explicit equations as well as inequalities in both 2D and 3D.

MathGraphics - Francisco Valbuena

MathGraphics is a graphing calculator app. With multitouch gestures, you can focus on the math behind the graphics.

Minu Timer - Ruben Frosali

Menu Timer is a simple, easy-to-use timer and stop watch. Large enough for classroom use it features a built-in alarm to signify that time is up.

Giant Timer

Giant Timer is simple, easy-to-use digital timer and stop watch. It includes sounds and customizable “time done” messages.

Protractor 1st - SkyPaw Co. Ltd.

Protractor 1st measures angles in degrees, radians, gradians, and revolutions.

Clinometer HD - Peter Breitling

Clinometer HD is level and slope finder. The slope can be measured by all edges of the device in every direction.

iCamera Level -

The iCamera Level provides users with a precision level. Standard view shows a level with a plain background. Virtual view uses iPad’s camera to superimpose the level over real objects.

Timer: Min To Go Reminders

Min To Go Reminders allows you to set a clock and received an audible reminder.