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Off-road Driving and Equipment Advice for 4-wheel Drivers

Getting a 4-Wheel Driver is only the first step towards enjoying the outdoors. Muddy forest tracks and sandy beach tracks won't do if you do not have the proper gear to keep you safe and to help your 4wd perform at its best! Don't get stuck while venturing, get the right gear and keep moving.


How To Pick A 4WD That’s Right For You? | Total 4x4

Before going offroad and spend a fair amount on 4x4 accessories, take a moment and decide what you want your 4WD for. How are you actually going to use it? To ensure you get a rig that satisfies your thirst for the great Australian outdoors, we’ve created a 101 checklist to choosing a 4WD that’s right for you.

Beach 4x4 Driving Tips | Total 4x4

Take off into the dunes for a serious 4x4 adventure, but not before preparing yourself for the bumpy ride. Here’s what you need to know and what you need mounted on your 4x4. Pick a 4wd beach track in WA and start enjoying the Summer Holidays.

Best Recreational 4x4s for Caravan Towing | Total 4x4

Are you considering taking a trip on the open road? Read our blog to find out our top picks for 4x4s that tow caravans effortlessly. Maybe you’re a born traveller, indulging in the nomad’s lifestyle that comes naturally to you. Maybe you’ve lived a routine life, seeing the same views and people which has left you with a deep desire for adventure and the great outdoors. Whatever the case, if you’re planning a road trip, and your preferred accommodation is a caravan or camper trailer, then you’re going to need a powerful vehicle to tow it. We’d like to suggest a 4×4.


Suspension Kit

Suspension Kit

The nature of off-road terrain being unpredictable, you need a strong 4x4 suspension kit designed to withstand the increased load carrying of your 4WD, as well as give you better handling.


Long range Fuel Tank

Long range Fuel Tank

Petrol stations can be scarce if you head out in the bush or having fun driving at some pristine white sand beaches. Difficult terrain will make your 4wd consume more fuel than on smooth road and you might run out a lot quicker than expected, all the more if you are still unexperienced. Don’t run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere and with limited time, get an extra fuel tank and spare yourself a lot of trouble.


Warn Winch

Warn Winch

A warn winch will keep you moving even in the toughest terrain. Adventuring in the sand? you might need some extra pulling power to get through it: an electric warn winch will do just that for you.

Mobile phone boosters | Total 4x4

If you are planning a trip or regularly travel through our great outback then you should consider a mobile phone booster designed to dramatically boost signal strength, voice quality and increase data speeds for moving vehicle applications

Changing a Flat Tyre on Your 4WD | Perth 4wd

4WD tyres can take a lot of punishment and get you through all kinds of tough terrain, but they do have their limits. If you’re pushing your vehicle’s tyres hard enough then there’s a good chance you’ll be stuck somewhere rather inconvenient.


4WD Bullbar

4WD Bullbar

4WD usually come with a simple bumper making you still vulnerable to hard knocks. It's easy to forget when you live in Perth, that wild fauna isn't that far the moment you drive away 40 min or so. Increase your safety with a high-quality bullbar meant for 4 wheel driving. Bull bar frames are also sometimes required if you want other accessories such as mounted antennas.


Air Intake Snorkel

Air Intake Snorkel

Keeping an engine away from water is recommended to avoid water ingress, Snorkels lessen the chance of water getting into the guts of your engine. 4WD snorkels are also useful when you’re driving in the dusty plains of Australia, getting cleaner air into the engine and keeping it healthy.

Bullbar or ShuRoo? | Why Not Both? | Total 4x4

When it comes to protecting you and your passengers in a collision with wildlife, a bullbar will do exactly that. But what if you could avoid it altogether? Shu-roo can help.

9 Camping Essentials You Need to Pack For Your Next 4×4 Adventure

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced 4x4 adventurer who’s looking for a quick checklist, here’s 9 essential items you need for camping such as rooftop tents and portable solar panels.

Don’t Tread Lightly - A Quick Guide on Tyre Maintenance - Deans Auto Glass

Like making sure you repair your chipped windscreen, nnsuring that your tyres are in good condition is essential in maintaining your vehicles integrity. It is illegal to drive around in a non-roadworthy vehicle and if your tyres are not up to standard you not only put yourself at risk but also other drivers on the road.