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Updated by Michael Alonzo on Feb 21, 2013
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Top 10 apps that make my work life easier

Slicing PSD files for the web

Problem: “Slicing is the worst thing ever.”
Solution: Slicy. No extra steps. Easily integrates into our workflow. Super fast. Oh, and the icon looks delicious.

Store files in the cloud

Problem: “Yo yo yo, how can I put my rap files in the cloud?”

Solution: Dropbox. Better than any other file storage software out there. Hands down.

Screen sharing

Problem: “I need to share my screen with that client who’s paying me a lot of money.”
Solution: Simple install. Doesn’t require any viewer to have anything other than a browser. It just works.

Screen capture

Problem: “I need someone on a different computer to see what’s on my screen.”

Solution: Droplr. Share what you want with a link. No messy file management required.

Schedule social media posts

Problem: “Sometimes I just want to queue up legit content instead of posting it in real-time.
Solution: Buffer. Build a queue of social media updates that go out on a regular schedule you decide. Great for teams.

Viewing designs on mobile devices

Problem: “How does my Photoshop design look on an iPhone and iPad?”
Solution: LiveView. Makes designing for mobile devices a breeze. Make a full size design and see it on your mobile device in real-time.

Wireless transfer of photos and videos

Problem: “I gotta plug in that stupid cord to upload my photos from my iPhone.”
Solution: PhotoSync. Transfer photos from an iPhone to any computer on the same wi-fi network. Way easy and saves you a bunch of time.

Signatures without the hassel of paper and pen

Problem: “Paper contracts are for dinosaurs. Ya know, like raptors and T-rexes.”
Solution: Docusign. Helps us get client signatures and archive legal documents without having to worry about scanners, pens, and printing. Stellar.

Interactive web and mobile mockups

Problem: “I wish my clients and I could be on the same page about designs.”
Solution: Invision. Simple, clickable prototypes to share your app or website design with others.

Free music streaming

Problem: “Can someone please turn on some music? I need to get in the zone.”
Solution: Grooveshark. Free, free, free. Tremendous selection. Search for local artists, there’s a good chance they’re on there.