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Top signs you should become an Interior Designer - For the creative eye!

Are you not a fan of your job and sometimes just hate it? Well, apparently you aren't one of the few, you are actually one of the many. Seventy per cent of the population hate their jobs says recent surveys and statistics. If you're miserable at your workplace and want a change of career, then it is time to do so. If you have always had an interest in interior designing, then here's a list of items that will help you decide if this is the right career choice for you.


Obsessed over decorating

If you are one of those people who have the habit of changing the look of your entire bedroom, living room or the household every few months, then interior designing maybe something you need to start looking into. Most people who have a knack for interior designing almost always fantasise about furniture arrangements and what not. In addition, you will also have a tendency of walking into someone else's house and spot the misfits, like unmatched doorknobs, almost immediately. If you're interested in pursuing career in this field, then check out interior design degrees in Sri Lanka. Places likes Academy of Design offer a good educational experience.


People ask you for advice

Is your friend moving into a new place soon, and opted to ask you for ideas for her apartment first? And no one else? Then, that shows they trust you to make these decisions. If that's the case you truly have creative ideas and eye for these things. This is the topmost compliment you could ever have as an interior designer. It's a good place to start. Friends and families always ask people with this type of talent for ideas when they want to move into a new place or change up their interior. Even if you hear that someone is remodelling a part of their house, you have ten different ideas on what they can change. If all this is you, you really need to start looking into a career in interior designing, now!


Ultimate Saviour

Have you been a Ted Mosby before, and tried to save community buildings that everyone wants to take down? It might be falling to bits and pieces, but you see it, in your inner eye, how you can make it magnificent again. Some people have the potential to see even the dustiest houses that are pretty much derelict and have a vision to bring it back to life. These kinds of people usually do brilliantly in interior designing careers. You have it in you to change a beast into a true beauty.


Colours, colours and more colours

Another important aspect of interior designing is knowing your colours. This doesn't just mean you only know your primary colours. You will also be well versed in colours that complement well with each other, the tertiary colours and those that are analogous. Simply put, you know the colours that fit perfectly together and the ones that will never go with each other. As colours have a tendency to affect the mood of a room or space, you will also know which colours go exactly where.

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