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Top 3 Methods To Make Money Online (Onlinee Hustler)

These are my top 3 methods on making money online in 2019, I am going to go over a little bit of each one.


My First Method Is One Of My Favorites Affiliate Marketing!!!

My First Method Is One Of My Favorites Affiliate Marketing!!!

So let me explain a little bit. There is all kinds of companies that offer affiliate programs take Amazon Associates for example. You can get a free account and get your very own link. Which means anyone who shops through your link on Amazon you will get a commission of the sale, now it depends on the products they purchase, but you can get up to 10% of the final sale. That is why people on YouTube are blasting their Amazon links everywhere showing their followers this is what I use etc.


The Second Method I Recommend Is YouTube Advertising!!!

The Second Method I Recommend Is YouTube Advertising!!!

This method takes a lot more time and patience because most YouTube channels do not pick up traffic until YouTube knows that they are for real about providing high quality videos and content. But don’t get me wrong you could have one video that takes off, and that one video could set the rest of your YouTube advertising career. And the crazy thing is that anyone can do this it’s not really hard, you don’t even have to get on camera if you don’t want to. There is a few ways than being on camera that you can do. Like over the shoulder videos where you just talk. Or you can take creative commons videos and just chop them up into a few different videos. So all you are doing is taking like 5-10 videos and taking the highlights out of them and making one good video that you can upload that will eventually start making you money. And once you have a good following of people you can then start offering affiliate products or even make your own product. Yes your own product like a course for example… or even do a brick and mortar or drop ship print on demand products with your logo on them. So as you can see Youtube serves more than one purpose…


The Third Method I Recommend Is Dropshipping!!!

The Third Method I Recommend Is Dropshipping!!!

For those of you who don’t know what this is I will explain it. Basically what these Dropshippers are doing is they are taking products from stores like Walmart or Aliexpress and all they are doing is either building a website or listing these products on eBay or amazon for more money than it costs, even though they do not actually have the product to ship out, What they do is, if they get a sale they will just go to the store that actually has it and then purchase it online using their customer’s shipping address to ship the products to. Pretty cool right?


Ryan Greiner

Ryan Greiner

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If you would like to learn more about how I make money online in 2019 just keep reading.

These are my top 3 methods for making money online.

after you have read these and would like to check out my top 5 methods you can do so here...

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