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Updated by Jelena Cekic on Feb 26, 2019
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5 Ways Chatbots Can Help You With Your Event Organization

Although chatbots have been around for a while, the 21st century brought a big change – technology has become readily available to everyone. These days, everyone who can access a stable internet connection can use the most advanced technology even for free.



This availability has helped people worldwide to accept the latest tech solutions, and developers have found another reason to continue with projects that are changing the world as we know it.

The situation with chatbots isn't any different. These friendly digital assistants are becoming the favorite communication tool between modern internet users, and that's why numerous companies from all industries have included these smart bots in their businesses.

Are modern internet users chatbot-friendly?
Chatbots have become the hottest topic, so we've found a survey to check how often people rely on these digital assistants – 69% of responders said that they expect quick answers to simple questions, while 62% know that they can rely on chatbots 24/7.

With that in mind, here are 5 excellent applications of chatbots in one of the fastest-growing industries – event organization.


1. Event assistant

The process of event organizing is incredibly complex. Companies that offer event organization services are using tons of apps and various tools to facilitate some tasks, but the solution to all the issues is only a few clicks away – chatbots.

Believe it or not, chatbots are one of the best automation tools. Instead of hiring whole teams or wasting your time on repetitive tasks, you can create your free chatbot that will handle it all.

Chatbots can be your smart assistants. They can manage various tasks, including paperwork, communication with collaborating companies, scheduling, booking of all necessary services, such as decoration, location, and venue for a celebration, catering menu, as well as booking of entertainment and adequate technical equipment.

Implementing a chatbot means hiring a new secretary that can't get tired, that doesn't need a vacation, that doesn't know what a day off is, and more importantly, doesn't require a salary at the end of each month.

On the other hand, you can manage all creative tasks, which makes the two of you a win-win combination.


2. Customer support

2. Customer support

Customer support is key to positive customer experience, but it requires an entire team at your call center. However, once again, a chatbot with the best AI kicks in.

Besides providing quick answers to simple questions, the best chatbot examples with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing can do much more than that.

Machine learning lets your bot learn over time, while NLP helps your chatbot have more human-like conversations. Their constant availability is just another advantage.

Thanks to all features of these digital assistants, we can conclude that the workplace in customer support seems like one of the best applications of chatbots.

Chatbots can provide your clients with answers on demand, they can communicate, they can handle even complex conversations, and more.


3. Omnichannel presence

The best customer service implies freedom of choice. Simply put, potential clients will be much more comfortable if they have the opportunity to choose their favorite communication channels.

Well, chatbots can handle communication with multiple users over various platforms, including SnatchApp, Web, Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twilio, Line, and many more.

Such an application of chatbots guarantees increased traffic, which will result in better engagement with clients, as well as more sales.


4. Text-To-Speech

4. Text-To-Speech

Platforms for creating free chatbots such as, provide its users with the opportunity to build the most useful and helpful bots that can do more. Text-to-Speech can enhance your digital assistant – your chatbot can have a personality.

These talking chatbots can communicate in over sixty languages, and you can achieve the best customer experience by choosing from ten voices. All that is left is to come up with a name for your chatbot, and it will become your real assistant.


5. Invoicing and pricing

Paperwork, a lot of wasted time, a bunch of repetitive tasks are terms that relate to the most significant phase of the relationship between your company and your clients – invoicing and pricing.

The last phase of cooperation with the clients should leave the best possible experience, so you should let your chatbot do it instead of you.


The bottom line

Chatbot examples with the best artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing have become the most advanced tool for handling almost any business process.

As soon as you involve such a helper in your business, the sooner it will become smarter and better. Stop wasting your time and money, modernize your company today!

What have you done to improve your event organization business? Let us know in the comments!