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Top 9 Must Try Meals in India

Beautiful India sure has lots of treats to offer to the food lovers who visit the country. The article below gives information about the top 9 dishes that you must try our while travelling here.


Vada Pav

Vada Pav is truly an exquisite treat of supreme taste! In a Vada Pav you will find mashed potatoes, onions and chickpea flour mixed together in exactly the right proportions and deep fried to perfection. The vada is eaten with pav, which is a type of bread, along with dry garlic and sweet-sour chutneys.


Masala Dosa

The sensational flavours of India will tantalize your taste buds with each bite of a masala dosa! It is a South Indian dish which is famous all across the world. The dosa which is made using rice and urad butter batter is filled with a masala of potato and onion. The dish is served with delicious sambhar and coconut chutney.


Aloo Parantha

Aloo Paratha is a traditional Punjabi dish. Soft roti or chapatti which is stuffed with potato is served along with yoghurt, pickle and ghee. When you travel with Contiki Tours you will get the chance to visit many of the leading restaurants in the country that serve this exquisite meal



A food tour in India will not be complete without a steaming plate of flavoursome and fragrant biryani! Indeed, this is a dish that is quite popular in many parts of the world. In India, you will find the best version of this dish for sure. This wonderful rice dish is cooked with vegetables and a choice of meat like chicken or mutton.


Rogan Josh

If you love lamb, you should not miss out on a steaming platter of Rogan Josh. This delectable dish's main ingredient is boneless lamb. Kashmiri red chilli is used to give Rogan Josh its wonderful colour and taste. During your tour in the country with Mack Trip, be sure to sample this flavourful dish!


Gulab Jamun

If you haven't tasted Gulab Jamun you are really missing out on a lot! Gulab Jamun is a divinely sweet treat. Caramelized sugar syrup is poured over fried dry milk balls to create this exquisite concoction that will leave you yearning for more! Some restaurants serve Gulab Jamun with ice cream now, to give your taste buds a heavenly surprise.



Dhokla is a delicious Gujarati breakfast dish that combines sweet and savoury flavours in a delightful way. Dhania chutney which is often served with Dhokla greatly heightens this divine dish's flavour. In many parts across the country, Dhokla is enjoyed as a delicious snack. A batter of fermented rice and chickpea flour is steamed to prepare this wonderful dish.


Chicken curry

Chicken curry in India is flavoursome, spicy and divinely satisfying! You will find many different varieties of this dish in different parts of the country. The better versions of chicken curry are served in places like Kerala, Maharashtra, Goa and Mangalore.



Samosa is a popular tea time snack that is perfect to appease small hunger pangs. This tiny, triangular delicacy is packed with the exquisite flavours of potato, onion and green peas.