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6 tips for choosing wedding jewellery – To look gorgeous

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. Choosing the right kind of jewellery for the occasion will go a long way in accentuating your beauty and elegance of the occasion.


Decide on your saree or dress first

Your elegant dress or the gorgeous saree should be the star of the show. Once you've finalized the colour themes, go ahead and buy your saree or dress. Your jewellery should complement your attire. Most of the time, your dress or saree may turn out rather different from what you imagined, and it is better to hold off gallivanting across jewellery shops in Sri Lanka until much later.


Understated and elegant

After you buy your saree or the dress, you can start looking for jewellery that complements it. Bridal jewellery should not overshadow your attire. You might want to talk to your photographer and stylist before you buy jewellery. Find the type of jewellery that accentuates your best features. You may want to ask the photographer about the type of shots and angles he or she plans to use before deciding on your jewellery. Timeless classics are always a safe bet. You can look for such pieces at places such as Raja Jewellers until you find the perfect fit.


Think about your skin tone

This is something you can talk about with your stylist. You can choose to wear gold or silver depending on your skin tone. It is the same with gemstones. When you go jewellery shopping, take your time and try different colour combinations to see which brings out the beauty of your complexion. Don't hesitate to ask for advice from the jewellers and of course the style expert in your family or friend group. Remember to opt for either gold or silver and not mix the two.


Be colourful

You don't have to limit yourself to silver and gold. Dare to be colourful but just don't overdo it. Pick some vibrant and shimmering shades to embellish the neutral, classical colour palette. You could be subtle and clever with the choice of gemstones. Match those precious stones to a shade in your flower bouquet or the bridesmaid's bouquet. Think sophisticated and refined.


Perhaps something old and borrowed too

You can add a touch of tradition to your bridal jewellery with an heirloom piece that your great grandmother wore, or an exquisite bracelet borrowed from a relative. It will make you feel special and give importance to the family connection. You should, however, make sure that the traditional jewellery does not clash with your new bridal set. A tiara set with pearls might work if you are going to wear a dress.


Consider the future too

You can choose a saree or a dress that you only wear once but the jewellery should be something you can wear again and again. When you choose jewellery, pick enduring pieces carefully. This is where sticking to timeless classics will most benefit you. Once you wrap up your wedding dress and get on with your new phase of life, you'll need versatile jewellery that you can match with any outfit for grand or simple occasions.

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