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Headline for What to take to a business meeting to stand out from the rest – Make your mark with the first impression
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What to take to a business meeting to stand out from the rest – Make your mark with the first impression

Business meetings can be intimidating hence; here are details on what to take to a business meeting to stand out from the rest of the crowd.


Presentation or relevant documents

Business meetings have a way of making you feel nervous and uneasy as the day gets closer but if you are well prepared ahead of time then you need not worry about the meeting. If the host of the meeting has sent the presentation or you are giving a presentation with regard to the meeting this item is the first on the list of things you need to bring to the meeting. If it is a hard copy then you can take that along with you but if it is a soft copy then take a device that is portable and easy to use.



Even if the client has seen your portfolio it is wise to take it along with you for the meeting. If there are others who attend the meeting you can give a good first impression by presenting the portfolio to them at the beginning. If it is a portable portfolio which is a hard copy then you can take it along with you but if the meeting is at one of the meeting hotels in Colombo then you could take a soft copy as most of the rooms are equipped with high end technology and you can plug in the device to present your work.


A tablet or computer

An electronic device is a must to carry along with you for a meeting as it will allow you to browse for any examples that you might want to show the client. If you have any reference images or if you wish to refer to a previous e-mail then having a tablet or a computer at hand will be a good opportunity for you. If you are taking an electronic device you also need to think about the possibility that you might want to connect to the internet. Locations such as Berjaya Hotel Colombo has free Wi-Fi for the clients who host meetings but if you are unsure of the possibility of using Wi-Fi then you need to look at the option of creating a hotspot from your phone or taking a portable connection.


A pen and a notepad

We might feel that we are able to remember all the points that are discussed at the meeting but when you look back at the events and try to reminisce the details there is a high possibility that you might not be able to recall the minor details even if you could remember most of the information. Without taking a risk it is always better to carry a book and a pen with you or if you are tech-savvy you could take down the notes on your phone, tab or laptop as well


Business cards

You maybe knowing the details of one of the clients that you are having the meeting with but there is no harm in handing out a business card to the other people in attending. It is an opportunity for any new work to open up for you and it is always a good idea to leave something behind for them to remember you by.