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Updated by Hemendra Singh on Jul 18, 2019
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User App Complaints For Android and iOS App Developers

The apps are here for making lives livable for the people. Not just streamlining grocery lists and calendars, but they have other jobs too. These apps are used for offering different services to the people. So, there is no doubt about the fact that apps are currently very popular.

However, as convenient or efficient the apps are, there are certain problems as well. The users aren’t really able to vocalize the shortcomings of the app properly. Also, there are some other problems as well. These issues whether small or big cause major glitches. So, it is important for Android and iPhone app developers to know about these issues.

This article will provide an insight into the different complaints that the app users might have. With the knowledge of such issues, there will be a better scope for mobile app development.


Important Complaints That Developers Should Know

Important Complaints That Developers Should Know

Here are some of the major complaints that the users have. It is important to look into the prevention of these issues. That will ensure proper growth for the application.


Too Many Mails

This is one of the problems that the users can have from the developers. The people spend about 28% of their entire day checking work emails.So, having more emails from app developers and companies can be a problem for them. No one cares whether a long lost friend has joined some app or not, right?

Plus, these notifications and emails about people adding each other on groups can be annoying. Such emails mostly go into the spam folder of people. This is something that the developers need to know about. These notifications are annoying and need to stop.


Unnecessary Push Notifications

Push notifications are surely an important thing for keeping tabs on people who matter to us. However, they can be a little annoying as well. Apart from that, some of these notifications even come late. So, there is no point in having these in the first place. So, having relevant push notifications is something that is very important.

The Android app developers need to look into that. The same is the case with the best iPhone app developers as well. Providing relevant and important push notifications will further educate the people as well.


Abandoning Great Apps

There are so many great apps that exist in the current world of the web. However, most of the time, the developers tend to abandon the app after its launch. But then, that is not the correct way to handle an application. We all know that the apps require certain adjustments and updates even after the launch. These updates make sure that the app is running properly. So, if the developer abandons the application, the users might as well.

There are certain glitches that can take place in an application after the launch. After abandonment, these glitches can cause some major issues in the apps. So, the users abandon the apps as well. However, that is certainly not how the apps are meant to be treated. They need to have tweaks and adjustments in order to provide seamless services to the people.


Frequent Requests For App Rating

We all love the apps that we download. That is the reason why we download it in the first place. However, after downloading, some apps constantly ask for ratings. While this can be a good thing for the developers, the users often find it pretty annoying. There are a million things that they can do with the apps.

But the constant app rating requests hinder their work a lot. So, this is something that both iOS and Android app development need to know about. Constant app rating requests are not a good sign for the apps as it can annoy the users. The developers need to do something about that.


Connecting With Facebook

Most apps that are present today request the users to connect with Facebook in order to use them. But why is that essential in the first place?

There are so many apps that people use these days. However, most of these apps have the same requirement. We can understand the case for some messaging apps or others.

But there are some irrelevant apps that require a Facebook sign in as well. People might just not want to do that. Plus, there are some other ways to sign in as well. Always having to log in with Facebook is not mandatory, right?


Ads That Take Up The Whole Screens

The advertisements that people get while browsing through the internet are annoying in their own way. Not to mention the ads that take up the entire window space. Not just that but the mobile screens are even smaller. So, the ads would take up the whole mobile screen space while displaying. This can be a major problem for users. This is another one of the most common complaints that the users have against the developers.


Video Ads

The video ads are pretty much interruptive and invasive as well. However, they are especially annoying with the users naturally turn off all the sound preferences as well. Most people understand that the developers need the revenue.

However, the user base can really get annoyed with such video ads. This is also something that the developers need to stop doing. Most users don’t use an app because there are multiple video ads there.

So, these are some of the problems that the app users have for the android and iOS developers. They need to understand the problems that the users have to face.