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Updated by evenhill on Feb 24, 2019
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Top 3 Reasons to Switch to YouTube TV

OnBoarded at Last: into the Live TV Stream-O-Sphere. YouTubeTV vs Hulu Live - YouTube TV comes out on top for Live TV streaming.


1) Customize Your Scroll: Winner: YoutubeTV

Youtube TV lets you customize the order in which the networks appear in your Live TV scroll. If you want to put the Disney Channel on top and the local networks in backwards order, you can. Personally, I put the networks in forward order, then bunched the news, sports, and movie networks with each other.
HuluLive does not offer this customization, which makes it confusing and time consuming to find channels among all the unsorted networks.


2) See what's coming on later... and later... and later....: Winner: YoutubeTV

Naturally, the channel guide tells you what is currently playing. With Youtube TV you can also press the right arrow any number of times to see what's coming on next and next and next. Helpful in planning an evening, or setting a late, late program to record. HuluLive's guide is kind enough to show you the current programs and what's coming on next. But that's it. You can't scan ahead any more than that.


3) DVR Storage: Winner: YoutubeTV

You can't beat this - Unlimited storage on YouTubeTV! (They start deleting your recordings after they are 9 months old)
Hulu Live's 50 hours capacity is paltry in comparison

Those are the three main reasons we are sticking with Youtube Live over Hulu Live.
Sure, there will most likely come a day in the not too distant future when Hulu Live will also have these options, and I am confident (and oh, so very hopeful) that all these streaming service will eventually have a "back" button on the remote to allow you to switch directly between two programs. Right now, you are stuck with scrolling from the top of the guide when you want to change channels, no matter where you've been before.