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Feminism in 2012 and 2013

What has feminism been up to in 2012 and 2013? Find out with Mookychick Online.

Girl Guiding and Ultimate Feminism

The wonderful world of girl guides can only be as feminist as the women running the show...

Anti Body Standard

Skinny isn't necessarily unhealthy, and slogans like Anti Size Zero can mislead. Don't be anti size-anything. Be anti body standard. Women shouldn't be expected to be a size 2 OR a size 12. We should just be.

Shocking Science Video... It’s a Girl Thing

We want you to watch a video funded by the EU encouraging girls to take up science. Savour its stereotype enforcing bullshit. Then go to YouTube and dislike it immediately.

Why Real Love Is Not Like the Movies

If you've ever had nookie, you can safely testify that it is nothing like it's shown to be in the movies...

See no Hear no Speak no Slut

Teenage feminist discovers miracle cure for sluttishness! The cheap and easy way to get rid of every slut in town! The secrets the media don't want you to know!

Sexism and Body Image at the 2012 Olympics

Olympic weightlifter Zoe Smith responds to sexist comments on her Twitter feed, combating internet troll FAIL with feminist FLAIR.

Body Hair is a Personal and Feminist Issue

Puberty? We can all relate. Just as you're exploring what it is to be a woman you sprout body hair like some kind of infernal Ewok. Like, you whisper to yourself, a man.

Feminism on Tumblr

Feminism Tumblr - A selection of feminist Tumblr blogs all in one place. Yes, we're all reclaiming feminims. One Tumblr at a time...

10 Reasons To Hate Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmopolitan Magazine has been irking feminists for some time. For, it must be admitted, more than 10 reasons.

Happy Ever After... A Feminist Fairytale

You feed your boy sausage pie. He couldn't be a chauvinist pig if you wrapped him in bacon. Housewife stereotype, or feminist fairytale with happy ending?

Greg says: I Need Feminism Because...

All round classy human being Greg needs feminism, and we fell in love with his impassioned speech. Too cool.

Triggering Pro Life Ads

In Ireland, a Youth Defence campaign is putting up triggering and misleading pro life ads in public places.

Sexist T Shirts of 2011 and 2012

T Shirts no-one in their right mind would want to wear.

The Female Ninjas of Iran

We look at the female ninjas of Iran, women who confound gender stereotypes. Feminism at work... now with added NINJA.

The Mooncup Song!

An enchanting video featuring 25 different names that women call their nunus. How about... El Bandito?

Plus-size Abuse and Body Image

I hate my thighs. My arms are so big. I'm just fat. Have you ever heard girls or women say this about their own bodies? Have you ever said it to yourself?

Teenage Pregnancy

Bad attitude, college dropout, PREGNANT. That was what BinaBean was led to believe, until she fell pregnant at 16.