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05 Dishes Not to Be Missed in Maldives – Island Life and its Advantages

Ah, the Maldives! That tropical archipelago of over 1000 little islands where you can be a beach bum to your heart's content. The food is pretty impressive too, with seafood playing a major role. But it's the traditional cuisine that you should not miss, here are a must try few.


Bis Keemiya or Samosas

Samosas are crunchy little triangles full of tasty fillings. A bis keemiya is kind of like the baby a spring roll and curry puff would create; loads of crunch and exotic flavours all rolled into one heavenly little roll. It's made from a light and flaky pastry that has been stuffed with sautéed cabbage spiced up onions and a hardboiled egg. While the taste is awesome, the pastry is exceedingly easy to make, hence you should check out the recipe online as your new favourite party snack. Which you can say you picked up dining in the Maldives!


Boshi Mashuni

Boshi Mashuni translates to banana flower salad. It's a delightfully crunchy and fresh salad you will probably love having while chilling at your Maldives resort restaurant, plenty like Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives offer guests a chance to taste local delights, and you should not miss out on a chance to do so. Boshi mashuni is made by shredding and blanching the banana flower while retaining its crunchy allure and combining it with freshly grated coconut and exotic spices such as lime, hot chillies and onion. Also added are the savoury flavours of turmeric, cumin and healthy curry leaves. Do check out the recipe for a fresh and healthy new salad to try.



Packed with loads of flavour and nutrients, Garudhiya is a traditional fish soup. Tuna is the main ingredient that goes into creating the clear soup, which is a favourite at breakfast. To make the soup you must cook the chunks of tuna with water, chilli, curry leaves, onion and garlic and later season it with lashings of crunchy fried onions and lemon zest. A lovely soul food, make sure to try the soup, soon after your morning swim in the ocean while staying at a Maldives hotel.


Huni roshi

Huni roshi is a type of roti that is greatly influenced by the coconut roti made in neighbouring Sri Lanka. The roti is made by combining flour and coconut shreds; it is then flattened and cooked until it's a golden coloured crispy biscuit on the outside with a lovely soft centre. Huni roshi is perfect for mopping up a lovely curry or eating hot with a dab of butter.


Saagu bondibai

Or simply sago pudding, a very traditional dish loved in the Maldives for its cooling properties. Made from the stems of tropical palms the sago is used to create little sphere shaped desserts that are warmed up with lovely creamy coconut milk, fragrant cardamom and rose essence. Sounds heavenly? It certainly is and just right to accentuate your happy mood as you enjoy that amazing sunset from your overwater villa in the Maldives.