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Top 10 things to see and do in Wan Chai, Hong Kong – Touristy things to do while in Wan Chai

Wan Chai is a city of contrasts. For an inquisitive traveller, there's enough and more to feed their curiosity. There are dim sum restaurants, historical sites, parks, promenades – the list goes on.


Tai Yuen Street Market

Though not the best street market in Hongkong, Tai Yuen Street Market is a bustling backstreet brimming with street vendors. If you have a throbbing curiosity about the day to day ordinary life in Hong Kong – an hour spent in Tai Yuen Street Market should do the trick.


Wan Chai Heritage Trail

It will take about two hours to wander around the whole of Wan Chai Heritage Trail – but it's well worth it. The setting of the place still harks back to the British colonial era with its historical places and architecture. To perk up the touristy appeal of the place, the old houses and buildings are preserved in the old colonial architectural style. There are about 15 such places you should make a stop to gain the wholesome experience of a tourist.


Golden Bauhinia Square

The bauhinia flower at the Golden Bauhinia Square symbolises the handover ceremony that took place between China and Britain on 1st July 1997. You can visit the site throughout the day. But the best time to visit is during the night-time when the lights from neighbouring buildings glimmer on the sculptured golden flower.


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

With an expanse of 80,000sqm, this place is catching the eyes of tourists particularly due to its dome-like shape. It can be viewed from across the water or anywhere within the broader vicinity. The exhibition centre is constantly in employ with exhibitions and events. There are also many hotels near Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre – especially the likes of Cosmo Hotel.


Lockhart Road

his is where people drop by if they are in for something rather risqué. The place is a bit notorious due to one or two popular stories. The road is bursting with bars and nightclubs. If you want nothing more than just a decent meal and a few drinks, there are places you can do that as well.


Tamar Park and Running Track

This is the only green lawn you will find in Wan Chai with a direct view to the Victoria Harbour. You can sit and relax right opposite the waterfront listening to some music with your headset on.


Hong Kong Arts Centre

With a view to popularising modern art as the main attraction of the touristy scene, it was founded in 1977. There are theatres, rehearsal studios and galleries. The Hong Kong Arts School is one of the regulars who display their artwork at the Centre.


Lover's Rock

The rock is shaped in the form of a phallic. The site serves an eccentric purpose which is visited by many women, especially mothers. To experience the site in action, visit during the Maiden's Festival.


Academy for Performing Arts

The annual Hong Kong International Dance Conference is when the academy really brightens up – although visitors can enjoy live theatre, dramas and musical performances throughout the year.


Pak Kai Temple

To get an idea of day to day religious life in Hong Kong – this is where you should come to. The temple was constructed in 1863 by devotees who worship the deity Pak Tai – the Supreme Emperor who rules the Dark Heaven. Due to the architectural style, the temple presents a spiritual atmosphere.