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Headline for Top Things to do in Kalkudah & Pasikudha Beaches
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Top Things to do in Kalkudah & Pasikudha Beaches

Sri Lanka's eastern coast has many wonderful beaches. Among these, Kalkudah and Pasikuda are quite prominent. This article details some of the things that you can do in these beaches.



Pasikudah has one of the longest stretches of shallow reef coastlines in the world. So you will get the chance to swim in the oceans to your heart's content here. The white sandy shores are perfect for relaxation too. During weekends the area gets rather crowded so do try to schedule your visit to the region during weekdays, if you can.


Enjoy water sports

The adrenaline junkies will find sublime delight at Pasikuda and Kalkudah beaches and that is a guarantee! The area is quite popular among windsurfing and water skiing enthusiasts. There are plenty of water sports centres and hotels in the area offering assistance and equipment to all those who like to enjoy these epic thrills. Snorkelling is yet another pastime that will give you perfect joy during your visit to this mesmerizing region. The colourful corals and the schools of glistening fish create a spectacular vista underneath the rippling waves, exclusively for the eyes of the snorkelers.


Visit Kallady Beach

Kallady Beach in Batticaloa has large, powdery shores that can truly enthral you. You can even watch the golden glory of dawn at this magnificent beach. The fishermen who come to the shores at daybreak will be truly delighted if you lend a hand to haul their catches too! Be sure to take your camera with you when you go to Kallady Beach as the sights that will greet you here will truly take your very breath away. Early morning hours are perfect to visit this beach as it is less crowded then.


Shop for palmyrah handcrafts

Pick the perfect memento to carry home with you at the stylish palmyrah handcraft outlets that are located in the area. The experience of shopping for unique wares will truly be quite appealing. You will get the chance to choose from an extensive and impressive range of unique handcrafted items when you shop. You will find many of these stylish shops located around famous Pasikuda hotels.


Visit Batticaloa Lighthouse

Batticaloa Lighthouse is a prominent landmark that you should consider visiting when travelling in the region. This beautiful lighthouse which was built by the British in the year 1913 has a height of 18 metres. It stands tall and proud, as a testament to the colourful colonial heritage of the region.


Visit Coconut Cultural Park

Coconut Cultural Park is a popular attraction in the area. You can reach this famed destination in two minutes from Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa. The establishment, like the name suggests, is dedicated to the cultivation of coconut which the paradise island of Sri Lanka is immensely famous for. A visit to the Coconut Cultural Park will give you lots of great insights into the production as well as the uses of coconuts. When the heat of the day makes you weary, you will be able to treat yourself to a delicious treat of coconut ice cream as well!