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List of Things to Do in Dambulla – Cultural Treasure Chest

The charming town of Dambulla is a part of Sri Lanka's cultural triangle. The place is rich in historical significance and is home to the Dambulla Rock Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This iconic attraction is not the only lure and listed here are some fab Dambulla experiences.


Go Explore the Dambulla Cave Temple

Dambulla hotels are generally located in lush surroundings and like The Paradise Resort & Spa, offer a range of comforts, so, once you get settled in and are refreshed from your journey you must head out to the Dambulla rock caves aka temples. Located on a gigantic rock, 150 metres high, the caves are a network of over 20, although only 5 are used as part of the temple. Once home to an exiled Sinhala King from the 1st century, the caves were turned into the iconic temple it is today as thanks, to the shelter provided. Inside are vintage statues of the Buddha, Hindu Gods and past kings as well as, beautiful murals that adorn the cave floor to ceiling. A true UNESCO Heritage Site the caves are as close to Sri Lankan culture and tradition as you can get.


Visit the Minneriya National Park

This wildlife reserve is only about 39 minutes from Dambulla and is the perfect place to explore if you love natural surroundings and elephants. The latter can be seen in hundreds as they migrate via the park corridor, specifically in the month of August. You can book a jeep safari into the lush wilds of Minneriya Park, fed by the Minneriya Lake, known to create the sweetest and greenest grass in the region; do ask your guide about the story behind the lake and King Mahasena.


Climb Sigiriya Rock

Sigiriya is a rustic little town known for its herds of wild elephants, savannah-like jungles and the Lions Rock Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fortress, a marvel built in the 5th century by an eccentric king is centred on a monolithic rectangular shaped rock, rising from the forest floor. The well-preserved citadel which includes beautiful gardens and ponds on the summit of the rock is world famous as an eighth wonder of the world. Sigiriya is no more than 30 minutes from Dambulla and is well-known for wild elephants which cross the main highway after dusk.


Hike Up Pidurangala

Although not as prominent as Sigiriya, Pidurangala sits on almost the opposite end of the forest. A short hike of around 30 minutes will take you to the summit: the path strewn with boulders and scrubs bushes is a good challenge while the view from the top is breath-taking; offering you sweeping views of the surroundings including Sigiriya Rock.


Enjoy the Surroundings of Popham Arboretum

As the name suggests this is a garden harbouring all manner of plants and colourful insects. The man-made forest is Enjoy the Surroundings of Popham Arboretumhandiwork of an Englishman who delights all nature lovers with this lush oasis, home to dragonflies, butterflies of many hues and lush green shrubs. There are walking trails, bubbling brooks crossed via wooden bridges which add to the serene ambience of the place.

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