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Updated by mattmetcalfe-sdh2015 on Feb 20, 2019
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Five Ways to Enhance Your Denver Home's Basement

To some, the basement is the part of the house where all the junk and clutter of years past are kept if you don't have an attic to work with. However, what many Denver homeowners don't know is that the basement has a lot of potential for adding flavor and color to a home, thanks to the myriad customization options you can make for it.

5 Ways To Enhance Your Luxury Home Basement - Mile High Home Pro

We've compiled five surefire ways to liven up and enhance your Denver home's basement. Check them out and see a method you might like!


Guest Room

If you love having friends come and stay over, or if you've experienced having relatives for the weekend but no place for them to sleep in, then you might see value of turning your basement into a guest room. Basement guest rooms offer extra privacy, more elbow room, and plenty of space for additional features like walk-in bathrooms or entertainment options.


Movie Room

Tired of missing out on the good seats for your favorite movie? Don't fret, your basement is here to save the day. Invest in some fancy entertainment systems like surround sound and a widescreen ultra-high definition TV, plus some comfortable couches, your own popcorn maker and hot dog grill, and a veritable set of your favorite movies (or a steady subscription to an online movie provider of your choice). If you've got the cash to spend, go all-out and purchase a projector set and moviehouse-quality folding chairs for maximum comfort and immersion.


Game Room

If you want an uninterrupted gaming experience, moving your game room to the basement is the way to go. With no more housemates complaining about the noise, you are free to set up your materials as you see fit. Add in items like pool tables, foosball sets, dartboards, gaming consoles, or arcade and pinball cabinets (if you have the cash for them). You can even include a wet bar so you can enjoy a shot or two while taking shots with the mates.



If you have aspirations of being a musician in your future, you'd benefit from turning your basement into your own personal music studio. Plan out where you can place your microphones, speakers, recording equipment, amps, and instruments. Minimal soundproofing is needed, too.


Exercise Room

Basements are usually roomy enough to allow most exercise equipment to fit in and be used without causing injury. You can opt for basic stuff like a couple of full-length mirrors and some matting so you can do your cardio at home, or you can go the full range and invest in all the heavy equipment like treadmills, weights, and the like. Don't forget to include plans for improved ventilation.