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Top Diving Sites in Maldives – Magical Undersea Worlds to Explore

The lovely Maldives has secured a reputation as an outstanding destination for scuba diving. In the Maldives, you will find an array of outstanding dive sites that will capture the imagination of the diver, including those below.


Maaya Thila at South Ari Atoll

Both in the daytime as well as during the hours of night, Maaya Thila may be ranked amongst the Maldives' finest dive locations. At this site, you will find a pinnacle that commences at a depth of 6 m and extends to 30 m and features a myriad of whitetip reef sharks as well as a host of giant trevally, stingrays, nurse sharks and barracuda. However, this dive site is most attractive after the time of sundown when a frenzy of feeding descends on the creatures residing here.


Broken Rock at South Ari Atoll

The well-known Broken Rock has the distinction of being amongst the most distinctive dive locations within South Ari Atoll. This location derives its name from the canyon that divides the pinnacle found here into two sections. If they take due care divers will be able to swim across this canyon, the walls of which are lined with great quantities of sea fans and soft corals. You must have plenty of buoyancy when undertaking this dive since the local currents may be unpredictable.


Five Rocks at South Ari Atoll

Another outstanding diving site in the Maldives is Five Rocks. This location features a pinnacle which has been segmented into as many as five sections over the course of time. These pieces extend from a depth of 12 m to as much as 40 m on the level of the sea floor. You will find a number of overhangs as well as ocean currents at this site making it an ideal setting for colourful corals, whitetip reef sharks and other reef fish. A Maldives resort to consider from which you will be able to conveniently go diving at this site would be Maafushivaru Maldives.


Banana Reef at North Male Atoll

The popular Banana Reef was the dive location in the Maldives that first achieved international renown. This appealing reef, now a protected marine area, is well-known for providing a little of everything for the diver. Here you will find vibrantly coloured corals, overhangs and caves creating a mesmerizing environment for the diver. At this site, you will also have the opportunity to observe marine creatures like groupers, sharks, jackfish and Napoleon wrasse. Even beginners will be able to experience this attractive dive site.


Fish Head at North Ari Atoll

This engrossing dive site is situated some distance away in the ocean. Fish Head is famed as an outstanding shark dive that will provide you with the chance to observe these sea predators. At this site, you will find a comparatively small pinnacle that extends down to 35 m and boasts several overhangs and caves. If you choose to dive at this location you are especially likely to view grey reef sharks, with as many as 16 having been encountered on a dive.


Miyaru Kandu at Felidhoo Atoll

Miyaru Kandu is considered to be amongst the finest sites for viewing hammerhead sharks in the entirety of the Maldives. Interestingly the word 'miyaru' in the Maldivian language stands for 'shark'. At the time of the northeast monsoon, you will find that the powerful current draws pelagic marine creatures into the site's channel. If you look towards the ocean on your dive, you are likely to spot creatures like eagle rays, dogtooth tuna and sharks.