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Python vs Java : The programming language fight for dominance

Java and Python both have become a programming language of choice. However, both have their strong and weak points. Which one should you choose?

AI in Cybersecurity : Pitting Algorithms vs Algorithms

AI in cybersecurity has been revolutionizing the way we view defending against dark hat hackers and penetrators that have malicious intent. That’s why it’s essential to have a dedicated approach when it comes to cybersecurity. From a technology standpoint, it's necessary to have a holistic approach, when companies understand what algorithms can be used where it creates for a more robust security eco-system.

Home Automation Development : Defining the Next Steps

As we move towards a more automated future, the state of home assistants is becoming brighter. More companies are creating sophisticated home assistants to bring engaging experiences to customers. They’re perfect for interacting with patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and are the right companion for younger ones to learn effectively. Developing home assistants is becoming increasingly complex and nuanced for that particular use-case.

Azure for Enterprise: Migration and Native Development

Azure Cloud Services has not only started setting new trends in the demanding market of cloud deployments lately but has also found a considerable impetus in its usage for Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) surpassing others.

The infrastructure is hosted on the cloud whereas the operating system, software applications, and middleware running on your system locally billing you for the time and resource used. It is completely secured and comes with a host of options for the enterprise and the backing of Microsoft.

Manage Gmail Push notification using cloud Pub/Sub

Most people use “Messaging” technology to get & send updates between the server and client/IOT devices.

Ever wondered how that works?. Well, we will try to explain how we have implemented it in one of our applications.

Pub/Sub is one of the most popular and effective messaging protocol/infrastructure used for communication between browsers, mobiles and IOT Apps supported devices. It gives the flexibility to get and send event-driven responses to the server.

Design Thinking for AI : Sustainable AI Solution Design

It's important to approach the subject area of AI from the philosophy of design thinking. This is, so that there are a structure and an approach that is chartered out in the complex world of AI.

Walking the tightrope : Balancing between Consumer Privacy & Utilizing Generated Data

Walking the tightrope has been challenging for many companies that are using legacy systems. They’re unable to handle consumer privacy issues and control the generated data the right way. They’re also looking towards other companies within the industry to analyze how they are working with data.

Data Lake & Hadoop : How can they power your Analytics?

Powering analytics through a data lake and Hadoop is one of the most effective ways to increase ROI. It’s also an effective way to ensure that the analytics team has all the right information moving forward. There are many challenges that research teams have to face regularly, and Hadoop can aid in effective data management.

Cloud Analytics in Healthcare : How can it provide real world intelligence?

Cloud Analytics play a crucial role in Healthcare to unlock real world evidence. This provides intelligence to organizations to discover new business models and deliver better care.

Why Are Great Quality Javascript Developers Hard To Find?

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the right JavaScript developers in the marketplace owing to the skill gap increasing. As we move towards a more AI driven market, we see innovations in ML, IoT, and other disruptive platforms. Businesses are exploring these areas to find the best modality for growth and innovation. This has led to a hyper-convergence around specific skills, while the generalists are being left out.

What is Anthos : The multicloud platform by Google (in 7 mins)

Google recently announced the availability of Anthos, a platform designed to allow users to run applications on-premise not just in Google Cloud but also with other providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms for Intrusion Detection System

The last decade has seen rapid advancements in machine learning techniques enabling automation and predictions in scales never imagined before. This further prompts researchers and engineers to conceive new applications for these beautiful techniques. It wasn’t long before machine learning techniques were used in reinforcing network security systems.

Why has Node.Js become a gold standard for Enterprise Web Apps?

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment for building robust web applications. It is an efficient and lightweight platform which comes out-of-the-box with the bare essentials or modules like npm, install, uninstall, update which are necessary for developing scalable Node.js apps.

Selecting A Right Visualization Tool For Your Big Data Problem

Selecting the right BI tool that the best fit for your organization is critical to address your big data problem. This process includes prioritizing and gathering BI requirements, as well as finding appropriate use cases and tool categories and styles.

How to select the perfect partner for software outsourcing | Cuelogic.

Verify if your offshore software development partner has the capacity to tap into local talent and quickly ramp up their team if needed, so that the product is seamlessly able to onboard new users. Also, check if there’s a local pool of talent for your outsourcing vendor to hire from. In the same vein, your partner should also be ready to scale down if, and when, it’s necessary.

Outsourcing Software Development for Innovation | Cuelogic

With the rapidly changing business scenario and cut-throat competition, innovation has become the only way to survive and make your presence felt in the marketplace. For a business, this could mean constantly toying with new ideas, creating dynamic products, and offering exceptional services.

Fast Data:Powering Real-Time Big Data

Fast Data is not a new concept. It has been around before Big Data services and IoT came into the picture. Data partitioning, data warehousing and scaling servers were the steps taken to speed up data retrieval prior to IoT and Big Data.