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Headline for 10 Maldives travel tips you must keep in mind before you plan a trip – how to make the most out of your trip
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10 Maldives travel tips you must keep in mind before you plan a trip – how to make the most out of your trip

Made up of over 1,000 small tropical islands which have clear blue water and sandy white beaches, the Maldives is one of the most enchanting places to visit for a romantic getaway.


Book your trip during shoulder season

The months between November to April are when the country experiences the best weather to enjoy the beaches and the water sports that the Maldives offers. This will also be the time when the tickets are the most expensive. The months between the peak and off peaks seasons or the shoulder season which experiences about 20% more rain than during peak season is the best time to visit the Maldives as hotels and resorts have fewer occupancy rates and offer rooms at lower prices to attract more people.


Pack smart

While you can purchase alcohol at most of the hotels and resorts in the Maldives bringing alcohol into the country is illegal. Since most of the activities and excursions involve the sea, make sure to pack plenty of swimwear and bring your own gear if you're planning to engage in water sports as renting the needed gear can be quite expensive.


Plan your air rides with cost and timing in mind

Domestic airlines from the Middle East or regional airlines offer tickets to the Maldives for considerably less than any of the other airlines. The seaplanes that will take you to your hotel or resort only operate from dawn to dusk and if you miss the last plane, you'll have to stay the night in the Male, the country's capital.


Respect the local customs and traditions

The Maldives is a very conservative and religious country that does not sell alcohol or pork to its citizens so make sure you dress modestly when visiting the islands that the locals frequent. The month of Ramadan is also a time avoid visiting the Maldives as most of the staff at the hotels and resorts in the country will be on leave during this period.


Budgeting is everything

Room prices for hotels and resorts that guarantee its guests with extra privacy and security cost more in the Maldives. Luxury hotels in the league of Adaaran Club Rannalhi are still popular choices as in addition to guaranteeing the privacy of their guests they also offer a wide variety of activities and excursions that they can take part in.


Book Online

Most hotels, resorts in the Maldives and airlines that fly to the country offer lots of discounts if you book well in advance. Consider several options when buying a ticket or renting your room as it could save you a lot of money.


Pick all inclusive

Since most hotels and resorts are located on their own islands you won't be able to find any other shops to buy food so booking an inclusive stay is the smarter option.


Watch out for hidden charges

Make sure to pay close attention to what you're paying for when booking your room as most hotels and resorts impose charges for imported drinks, food and activities. When added up these extra charges can be cost more than you expect.


Plan your activities well in advance

While most hotels and resorts provide its guests with a wide variety of water sports and other activities that they can take part in if you're booking your excursions through a tour provider make sure to compare all options available before making your booking as you'll be paying more if you book your excursions when you land in the country or if the tour provider is located far from where your hotel or resort.


It's a great place for Dolphin watching

A lesser known fact about the Maldives: it's one of the world's consistent places for spotting dolphins. The Indian sea around the Maldives has many species of the Dolphin family and a few species of Whales; an experience you shouldn't miss while visiting the country.